Property Valuation Services

Property and Asset valuations and the issues surrounding them are becoming increasingly complex over time. With the rapid growth in the real estate industry in Sri Lanka during the last few years, especially in areas such as Condominiums, Commercial Properties, Retail Properties, Hotels and Resorts and Mixed Development Properties.

In this context, KPMG Real Estate & Valuation Services (Private) Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of KPMG Holdings (Private) Limited has recognized that client requirements for Property and Asset Valuation services are increasingly becoming complex. These requirements need to be met with sound advice backed by the right methodologies, extensive research, and expert analysis provided by an internationally accredited advisory firm.

KPMG Real Estate & Valuation Services (Private) Limited has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals with access to our global credentials and proven methodologies, who can understand these complex client needs well and deliver the required property and asset valuations services effectively and efficiently.


What we value?

  • Lands
  • Industrial Properties
  • Leisure Properties 
  • Condominiums and Commercial Properties
  • Buildings
  • Infrastructure Assets
  • Plant and Machinery
  • Vehicles, vessels
  • Specialized Assets
  • Biological Assets 
  • Office Equipment 
  • Resort Islands 
  • Intangible Assets

Why you need to value?

▪ During mergers & acquisitions

▪ Sale/transfer of assets

▪ For the business restructuring processes

▪ For commercial due diligence purposes

▪ Impairment assessments

▪ Tangible security valuation for mortgage loans

▪ During a liquidation processes

▪ Portfolio valuation for private equity funds

▪ For dispute resolutions

▪ Capital reorganizations

▪ For tax purposes

▪ Financial reporting requirements