International Tax

International Tax

International Tax

Multinational companies must deal with different tax systems, which complicates decision-making but also provides important tax-planning opportunities.

  • What is the right corporate and management structure for a multinational group?
  • What jurisdiction should be chosen for the establishment of a holding company for IPO or for a private placement?
  • How should financing of operations in various countries be conducted?
  • What is the tax-efficient structure for the acquisition of an operation abroad?
  • How to structure foreign operations in a tax efficient manner to reduce the group's overall effective tax rate?
  • How to deal with the regulatory requirements that exist in entering Kazakhstan, so as to enable business to focus on the commercial aspects?

These fundamental decisions can have a critical impact on a multinational’s tax risk profile, global effective tax rate and cash tax exposure. What’s more, in-house tax professionals are often challenged on many fronts simultaneously and are faced with shorter decision time frames.

KPMG tax professionals provide specialized services to support our clients’ international and cross-border activities. Whether you are setting up new operations or joint ventures in Kazakhstan or abroad, raising external financing, financing your operations in various countries or seeking an entry to or an exit from a particular market, at KPMG we have access to a global network of professionals we call upon to give clients local knowledge and experience no matter where in the world they do business.

KPMG Services

KPMG provides a full range of international tax services, which include:

  • Cross-border tax planning and structuring;
  • Advising on all outbound and inbound international tax issues;
  • Advising on asset finance and profit repatriation;
  • Foreign tax credit planning;
  • International tax reporting and compliance.

Why choose KPMG

  • Our professionals have significant experience in dealing with companies from different industries
  • We provide a multidisciplinary team – made up of tax professionals, lawyers and accountants staff which gives us a wide understanding of international corporate tax issues
  • KPMG member firms have over 750 offices across the globe giving clients access to tax advice across all regions in which they do business
  • We do not just advise on the tax consequence of any particular transaction from the perspective of local tax law but can also refer to industry practice in a specific market so that our clients have a complete picture of all the issues, benefits and risks arising from a particular solution

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