Corporate tax

Corporate tax

Corporate Tax

Kazakhstan has gradually been moving towards a more consistent and comprehensible tax system. Nevertheless, significant uncertainties remain and as the penalty regime is very harsh, simple mistakes can prove very costly. KPMG strongly urges businesses operating in the Kazakhstan market to seek professional assistance.

Our range of corporate tax services include:

Tax Review

Limiting your exposure to tax-related fines and penalties is a priority for our tax team. We have significant experience conducting reviews of the tax compliance of local entities, checking the integrity and accuracy of a company’s tax systems and processes. This helps to limit the risk of inaccuracies or compliance failure and may mitigate the risk of future tax penalties.

Tax Risk Management

A series of recent evolving tax policy developments may prompt companies to revise their tax risk management policies, procedures, and governance in order to minimize tax exposures and to avoid incurring new penalties for noncompliance. We help our clients to timely identify, assess and effectively manage tax risks associated with their activities before these potential tax risks turn to the specific tax assessment.

Tax Advisory

In today’s world, companies need advisors who think beyond the present, see beyond borders and work with clients to deliver long-lasting value. KPMG’s experts help deliver commercial success for clients by anticipating the consequences of actions, work across our organization to demonstrate the global mindset that clients expect from their advisors and turn knowledge into value by listening to – and delivering on – the needs of clients. 

Tax Planning and Structuring

Is your company structured in a way that helps you manage taxes efficiently now and in the future? We can assist you to assess the tax effectiveness of your business structures and identify available tax opportunities. Our professionals anticipate and respond to the changes in international and local tax environment and help our clients to structure their transactions in a tax efficient manner, without exposing them to significant tax risks.

Tax Accounting Policy and Tax Registers

Under the current Tax Code, all taxpayers are required to develop, maintain and regularly update a tax accounting policy and tax registers to record and systemize information about their operations. Preparing a tax accounting policy is a complicated and laborious task, as a great level of detail is required. Using our knowledge of Kazakhstan tax legislation and our experience in dealing with tax issues in practice, we can advise you on these requirements and assist you in drafting a robust tax accounting policy and tax registers. Our knowledge and expertise enable us to give you the assurance that your tax accounting system meets the requirements of legislation and also helps to achieve your business objectives.

Why choose KPMG

  • Whether you are a global organisation or a Kazakhstan-based business, we at KPMG understand the challenges you face. We can provide expert advice on domestic and international corporate tax issues
  • We bring together the best technical specialists and industry knowledge to help make your commercial objectives a reality
  • Our team of tax and legal professionals thinks beyond the present and beyond borders in delivering long lasting value to our clients

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