The taxpayers planning to establish information interaction with the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan (the “SRC MoF RK”) under the Horizontal Monitoring regime (the “HM”), including that at a pilot project stage, are required to have their processes sufficiently automated and ensure their information systems, which are to be accessible to tax authorities, meet current requirements of the SRC MoF RK.

On 16 June 2022, a regular meeting was held between representatives of KPMG and the SRC MoF RK, following which Tax Data Mart was proposed to the SRC MoF RK, and now it can be used in Kazakhstan for the HM purposes.

KPMG said that the presented IT solution fully complies with all current requirements for the HM process but also it already has those functions the SRC MoF RR is just planning to introduce.

How can KPMG help?

KPMG is prepared to provide comprehensive support for taxpayers at all stages of the HM pilot project, including:

  • Conduct a preliminary diagnostic examination: review the current state of the tax accounting process and Internal Control System (“ICS”) for its compliance with the HM requirements and develop optional IT-architecture, given the specifics of the Company’ existing IT landscape.
  • Provide services to help implement Tax Data Mart for the horizontal monitoring purposes, configure its settings and customise it, subject to the Company's requirements, including handing over supporting operational documentation, holding the IT solution acceptance tests, and training key users of the system.
  • Deliver methodological support and assistance with preparing documentation to join the Horizontal Monitoring, maintaining communication with the SRC MoF RK in the course of the pilot project, initial placement of information in the production version of the system and publication of data for tax authorities.
  • Render additional services to provide comprehensive technical support of the IT solution, which implies timely delivery of software updates following the development of legislation and any changes in it.

We will be happy to demonstrate the use of Tax Data Mart for the horizontal monitoring purposes, share with you our practical experience and answer all your questions.