The Eurasian Economic Union (hereinafter, "EAEU") has a unified customs regulation.

In this regard, customs regulation in the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - "Kazakhstan") is carried out in accordance with international treaties, including the EAEU Customs Code, acts, constituting EAEU law, the Code of Kazakhstan "On Customs Regulation in Kazakhstan", the national regulatory framework in customs regulation.

Due to the multi-stage nature of customs legislation, participants of foreign economic activity in law enforcement practice have queries in interaction with customs authorities.

Customs experts of KPMG Caucasus and Central Asia will help you with all issues arising in international trade and customs regulation:

  • Advising on the application of customs procedures, determination of customs value and classification of goods according to the HS code of the EAEU, etc.;
  • Analysis of the correctness of calculations of import and export customs duties, taxes and the application of preferences during the import of goods;
  • Recommendations for planning customs payments, taxes and customs operations;
  • Customs diagnostics (audit) of declaration of goods for previously imported/exported goods;
  • Customs pre-investment research;
  • Assistance in appealing and challenging the results of customs inspection and other decisions of customs authorities;
  • Advising on customs issues on a subscription basis;
  • Review of the novelties of new customs legislation;
  • Formation of amendments to the regulatory legal act, support of legislative initiatives at working groups under the Government of Kazakhstan and the EAEU authorities;
  • Conducting corporate trainings.

Customs experts of KPMG has extensive practical experience in customs regulation, including work experience in customs authorities, participation in the work of consultative and advisory authorities on the development of regulatory legal acts as part of the implementation of the customs legislation of the EAEU and Kazakhstan, as well as experience in customs disputes.