Tax Review

Tax Review

Tax Review

Limiting your exposure to tax-related fines and penalties is a priority for our tax team. We have significant experience conducting reviews of the tax compliance of local entities, checking the integrity and accuracy of a company’s tax systems and processes. This helps to limit the risk of inaccuracies or compliance failure and may mitigate the risk of future tax penalties.

Our approach to a tax compliance health check involves an understanding of the business specifics, inspection of a company’s financial records and supporting documents on a sample basis and determination of tax risks.

KPMG Services

Our tax review services can be limited to specific taxes, such as corporate income tax, VAT or payroll taxes, or they can be a full-scope review of all applicable taxes. The review can also be limited to specific transactions or accounts, such as fixed asset balances, payroll costs or income tax withholding on payments to nonresidents.

We can leverage the information gained in a tax review to provide advice on how to reduce tax costs by restructuring transactions, reclassifying expenses or taking full advantage of the provisions of tax law to decrease tax liabilities.

We can also provide training to your in-house staff on tax compliance procedures and appropriate controls to facilitate your management of this process and encourage a correct and consistent tax approach.

Why choose KPMG

We know the right questions to ask to determine a potential tax exposure. KPMG’s highly trained professionals have years of experience in various economy sectors.

By identifying potential tax exposures and developing appropriate responses, we can save you time and money.

We work with your in-house team, and leverage the outstanding tax technical knowledge of our subject matter specialists to help secure a favorable outcome.

We help you choose and develop an appropriate resolution strategy.

As a full-service provider, we leverage tax, legal and other specialties from around the world to assist in multi-jurisdictional tax controversies.

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