Start-up Innovation Center

Start-up Innovation Center

Samjong KPMG’s Start-up Innovation Center provides support for domestic start-up companies’ continuous growth and overseas expansion.

Samjong KPMG’s Start-up Innovation Center provides support for domestic start-up...

▶ Introduction to Start-up Innovation Center

Recently, many start-ups emerge as a result of rapid changes in technological environments such as Internet of Things (IoT), O2O, Fintech, Virtual/Augmented Realty (VR/AR), 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Mobile Acceleration. In particular, start-ups become more popular in both developed and emerging countries with the success of technology-based start-ups.

However, many start-ups fail in the so-called “Death Valley” due to the difficulties in initial fundraising, technology commercialization, domestic and overseas market entry, lack of accounting/tax expertise, and organizational management. Particularly, the three-year survival rate of Korean start-ups is 39.1% in 2016, which is 20% lower than those of other OECD countries such as the United States (61.2%), Sweden (75.2%), Italy (60.4%), France (54.4%) and Germany (52.6%).

To help overcome these obstacles, Samjong KPMG established the Start-up Innovation Center (SIC), which is operated jointly with KPMG International. Samjong KPMG SIC will support Korean start-ups which were born with innovative ideas and enthusiasm, to overcome difficulties and maintain sustainable growth. Furthermore, SIC will actively support the start-ups to expand to overseas markets and contribute to the future economic development of the country.


▶ Samjong KPMG SIC Strengths

One-Stop Service Customized by the stages of growth
Samjong KPMG provides one-stop service by the stage of growth to start-ups. We provide comprehensive consulting services including accounting, tax, financing, HR, international trade advisory, strategic consulting, valuation, and M&A advisory to ensure that start-ups eliminate obstacles in entering the capital market and are valued at appropriate corporate value. Particularly, Samjong KPMG has specialized departments for 24 industries and service lines, such as electricity, electronics, information and communications, manufacturing, automotive, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Furthermore, since we have experiences in advising small and medium-sized companies such as Global / China Highway, and Korean small hidden champions, we can provide customized consulting services specialized for start-ups and ventures.

KPMG's domestic and global networks
Samjong KPMG provides customized consulting services for domestic start-ups through our Korean client networks and KPMG Global Innovation Networks in 44 countries around the world. Also, we have established Korea Desk in major countries and have dispatched KPMG's specialists to support the globalization of Korean companies entering overseas markets.

Various research and publishing activities
Samjong KPMG Economic Research Institute (ERI) and KPMG Global conduct various research activities related to industry and corporations, and open the work as a publication. We give Insights to start-ups by providing and sharing research data such as ‘Industry Insight’. In particular, the Start-up Innovation Center will provide start-up-oriented seminars, training and publications.


▶ Major services for start-ups

Start-up Scale Up Support Service
We systematically support start-ups by differentiating growth stage and main needs for start-up growth.

• Accounting / Financial / Tax Advisory
• Investment attraction
• Overseas market expansion
• Transitioning(M&A, IPO)

One Stop Fundraising Transaction Service
As a partner for helping start-up growth, KPMG supports corporate value increase by providing services such as investment attraction advisory, business strategy analysis and systemization, business cooperation, and new market entry supports.

• Fundraising preparation (business strategy consulting)
• Potential Investors exploration and attraction
• Price and terms of the contracts negotiation
• Deal Closing Contract and Deal Closing

KPMG Intensive Support Program
KPMG supports growing start-ups to scale up by looking for solutions on current issues with KPMG's xperts and exploring new opportunities with KPMG's clients.

• Business enhancement advisory
• Overseas expansion advisory
• Business cooperation, market exploration
• Domestic and foreign investment attraction

▶ Major services for investment institutions / companies

Startup Scan & Navigator Service
We suggest large and medium-sized corporations to cooperate with start-ups for their growth solutions. Also, we provide the entire process from the analysis of the market environment and technology trends to the establishment of new business strategies and partnerships with start-ups in two stages.

• KPMG Start-up Scan : Market environment and technology trend analysis, start-up exploration
• KPMG Innovation Navigator : Management / Innovation Issue Diagnosis, Start-up Screening, Partnership

One Stop Startup M&A Service
We will provide optimized One-Stop Start-up M&A program by utilizing the Startup Scan & Navigator service, and also maximize synergy and minimize risk through optimized deal structure and deal process.

• Diagnostic & Scanning Process
• Collaboration / M&A Process
• PMI Process

KPMG Matching Day
We identify and match promising start-ups with corporations in each industry sector who would like to invest in new business and innovative companies, then help them to efficiently cooperate and invest in the future.

• Identify and match promising start-ups with corporations who would like to invest in start-ups
• Support business development & Engagement Process
• Preparations / Events / follow-up support

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