International tax

International tax

KPMG's International Tax practice is part of a network of professionals who can provide meaningful advice on cross-border tax matters.

KPMG's International Tax practice is part of a network of professionals who can provide...

Multinational companies require global tax planning. It is not enough for a company with operations in multiple countries to adapt separately to each of its local operating environments. To thrive, multinational entities need to adapt to local, regional and national factors. Our team can help companies at every stage of global growth. Whether you are establishing new operations or joint ventures, financing existing subsidiaries, integrating a recent acquisition or seeking to exit from a foreign market, at KPMG we have a global network of professionals we call upon to give clients local knowledge and experience no matter where in the world they do business.

Bringing you peace of mindWe provide a full range of International Corporate Tax services which include advising on all outbound and inbound international tax issues.We provide tailor made solutions for a client's particular facts and circumstances.We advise not just on the corporate tax consequences of any particular transaction, but provide advice in relation to all of the tax and accounting consequences so that our clients have a complete picture of all the issues, risks and benefits arising from any particular solution.We evaluate the impacts of the foreign withholding tax regimes of potential investment locations as well as opportunities arising from relevant double tax treaties.


We provide a multi disciplinary team - made up of professional lawyers and accountants which gives us a wide understanding of all areas of international corporate tax Our professionals seek to exemplify the principle 'think globally, act locally'. We help support companies around the world, irrespective of whether they are long-established global players or testing cross-border opportunities for the first time.

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