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Further assistance

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We, at Somekh Chaikin, invest considerable efforts and resources in order to provide our clients with equal, respectable, accessible and professional service.

In accordance with the Equal Rights Law for persons with disabilities- 1988 and the regulations promulgated thereunder we expend resources and efforts into making the required accessibility adaptations, in order to allow a person with disabilities to receive equal service on an independent basis.

Building accessibility arrangements

Below are details of the existing accessibility arrangements at the firm's branch offices:

Branch Address Disabled parking Accessibility Accessible WC Signs
Tel Aviv 17 Ha'arba'a St, Millenium Tower Exists Accessible Exists Exists
Jerusalem Beck House 8 Hartoum Exists Accessible Exists Exists
Beersheba 31 Shazar Blvd Exists Accessible Exists Exists
Haifa 7 Nachum Het Exists Accessible Exists Exists

Accessible Service

Additional methods of communication:

Reception service – From 8am-6pm Sundays-Thursdays

Email –

Approach by mail: 17 Ha'arba'a Street Tel Aviv

Internet Site Accessibility

An accessible internet site is one which allows persons with disabilities and elderly persons to surf at the same level of efficiency and benefit as all other surfers.

At Somekh Chaikin we work towards equal opportunity in the internet environment for people with varied disabilities and those assisted by various technologies for computer use.

Information on Site Accessibility

The Somekh Chaikin site complies with the equal rights regulations for persons with disabilities (adaptation of accessibility for service – 2013.

The accessibility adaptations were implemented according to the Israeli standard (IS 5568) for accessibility of internet content at the AA level and the international WCAG 2.0 document.

For exiting menus and Windows, Enter and Esc, the site provides a semantic structure for assistive technologies and support for printing using the keyboard arrows.

In order to receive better surfing with the screed reader program we recommend using the most updated WCAG 2.0 program.

Through the use of this site we have made it clear that we will provide equal service without compromise for every person, including clients with disabilities.

Significant efforts and resources have been invested in making the internet site accessible and in developing tools for making other internet sites accessible with the purpose of allowing the majority of the population to easily and comfortably use these sites and make them more available for those with disabilities.  The firm joins the general effort to make sites accessible for people with special needs.

The method of accessibility for Somekh Chaikin's site is through the A-Web program (hereinafter – "the program") which allows provision of accessible content to the surfing public, as far as possible.

Most of the pages on the site comply with the level AA criteria of accessibility. It is important to note, that despite our efforts to make all the pages on the site accessible, it may be that there are sections or abilities on the site which are not yet accessible. Responsibility for usage and implementation on the site is that of the site owners and/or their agents including the content presented on the site subject to the usage terms of the program.

The site's accessibility is compatible with the leading search engines:

Internet Explorer 10/11





How does accessibility on the site work?

The site presents an accessibility menu. Pressing Enter on the menu by using the mouse or navigation using TAB allows for the opening of the accessibility buttons. There is a choice from the menu of the button for personal adaptation. In order to close the menu the close button can be pressed or use of the "esc" button on the keyboard or by use of the mouse.

How to surf on the site

Creation of a short cut menu to areas of chosen content.

You can navigate forward on the site using the TAB button. In order to go back a combination of the SHIFT and TAB buttons should be pressed.

There is support for programs able to read NVDA screens for Windows users and the operating system of the Mac OS X.

Change of color contrast: the background can be changed to lighter or darker.

Change of type and size of font: the text can be made larger or smaller. The font type is changed to Arial for more easy reading.

Navigation to content areas: You can skip to content areas on the site. The site is divided into central content areas. One can skip to central content areas from the top of the page. In order to enter content areas enter must be pressed. At the bottom of each page, before the bottom heading, one can return to the top of the page.

Forms: There is broad support in the accessibility of "contact us" forms subject to the conditions of use. There is compatibility to supporting technologies. For example: support in mistakes in spelling by screen reading programs.

Support of assisting technologies: broad support of assisting technologies by use of ARIA rules.

Finally, the cancel accessibility button and return to normal presentation.

Problems and inaccessible content

At present we are unaware of accessibility problems on the site. If you meet a problem – tell us! We make efforts to preserve and maintain the site at the best possible level. In order that we can handle a problem in the best way please attach as full details as possible and refer to the accessibility coordinator: description of the problem, what action were you trying to perform? On which page were you surfing? Type and version of the search engine. Operating system. Type of assisting technology (if you used one).

Methods of contact and proposals for accessibility improvement

We are continuing our efforts to improve accessibility in the firm as part of our commitment to provide all sections of the population, including those with disabilities, with equal and accessible service as far as possible.

Should you encounter a problem or fault in respect of accessibility we would be pleased if you would update us. We will make every effort to find a suitable solution and deal with the issue.

Accessibility Coordinator in the firm: Roy Volach, Adv. Legal Adviser to the firm

We would also be pleased if you would approach us as follows:

Telephone: 03-6848683