IT advisory services

IT advisory services

KPMG’s IT advisory professionals help clients to align IT operations to strategic and financial business objectives.

KPMG’s IT advisory professionals help clients to align IT operations to strategic and...

An effective, well-managed IT system is one of the most valuable business advantages an organization can secure. The right technology, implemented properly, appropriately managed and monitored, can lead to significant gains in growth and efficiency. It is essential to get sound business advice to ensure technology risks are managed. IT is challenging to get right and expensive to get wrong — not only in terms of dollars spent, but also in lost efficiency and potential regulatory infringements

How our member firms can help

We work with clients to analyze business technology issues within their businesses. A client might approach us for assistance with:


Developing an appropriate IT strategy We work with clients to develop a clear IT strategy that fully supports their business objectives



We offer guidance on the most appropriate strategies for outsourcing or offshoring IT services, and ensure that effective controls are implemented


Cost optimization

We work with clients to help identify the most effective ways to take costs out of a business


Logistics and supply chain issues

We examine various aspects of processes and technology, and make recommendations for helping to optimize efficiency. This is one of the areas where IT can have the greatest impact



Regulatory and compliance

We are well placed to assist organizations with regulatory and compliance needs. We have a great deal of experience in identifying and controlling financial and operational risks embedded in business systems.


We focus on the business impact of technology rather than systems implementation, and we are not tied to any hardware or software suppliers. As a result, our advice is independent and geared to the specific needs of each client.

Global capabilities

We understand the need to keep pace with technology and take advantage of the tremendous opportunities offered by technological innovation, but we are also aware of the risks involved and the responsibility at the Board level to control these risks.

Increasingly, with the global nature of many organizations, we are aware of the need to develop innovative solutions that are repeatable and easily distributable. As a global organization ourselves, we are able to provide global support where necessary. We bring to clients:

  • a team of over 6000 experienced professionals, equipped with strong business skills, as well as in-depth sector knowledge and specialist IT skills
  • a consistent, integrated global platform
  • the combined resources of one of the world’s leading business advisory networks.

KPMG’s IT Advisory team is a trusted advisor to the Boards of some of the world’s largest multinational organizations. We operate in the developed markets and in the key emerging economies of Central and Eastern Europe, Central and South America and Asia-Pacific.

Customer & Operations teams focus on fundamental business issues — managing risk, increasing revenues and controlling costs — which all organizations, in all industries, should address in order to flourish. We help companies identify risks and optimize operations that are used to support their strategic business objectives and financial goals. Organizations have a range of options to help them manage and improve performance, including process and control design, shared services models and outsourcing. Our firms’ Customer & Operations professionals seek to empower clients to make better business decisions — decisions that are at the heart of successful business transformation and change management efforts.Customer & Operations teams serve our firms’ leading clients in all industries. Our professionals bring extensive experience and work collaboratively with clients, advising them on:

Managing and
reducing materials
  Improving service to
the customer 
Optimizing overall
internal supply chain
Reducing supply
chain risk  
  Product design


In addition the Customer & Operations team can transform the business by helping clients think through:

Operations risk management   Strategic cash generation  Operational optimization
Supplier risk Working capital optimization    Rapid value procurement
Product portfolio risk Manufacturing strategy Integrated supply chain planning      
Process risk Revenue management Cost management & optimization   


Customer & Operations teams can assist our firms’ clients with:

Rapid value procurement Focuses on optimizing strategic sourcing, consolidation of the supply base, improved contract management, improved inventory management through purchase execution and procurement process effectiveness.
Working capital management Designs and embeds approaches to develop and implement visibility, control and generation of cash and working capital across the business operations.
Supply chain optimization  Advises on lean manufacturing, lean six sigma, operations, product lifecycle management, logistics, sourcing, and distribution.
Business integration Advises on mergers of business organizations (called post merger integration), shortly after a deal is finalized or years after many mergers have been executed.
Customer management Provide insights in to managing the entire life cycle of a customer, helps with visibility into customer segmentation and assists in increase customer retention and acquisition.

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