The chemical industry’s competitive landscape is changing fast. With significant cash reserves on hand, many global chemical companies are developing or launching new products and services – and appear optimistic about increasing revenue in the short term. CEOs have also set their sights on geographic expansion – with Asia, Latin America and the Middle East in particular perceived as places where chemical companies can build manufacturing capacity, tap local talent and access new customers. 

The chemical industry today faces a challenging environment and competitive landscape. KPMG Indonesia’s chemical professionals can help chemical companies understand and react to a number of industry wide issues, including: 

  • portfolio management 
  • complex regulatory 
  • environments accessing debt and equity 
  • driving operational 
  • excellence responding to climate change
  • targeting emerging growth and adapting to innovation
  • global mega trends

Good professional advice can help mining groups deal with these matters in a timely and effective manner. 


How we can help 

KPMG Indonesia’s Chemical professionals assist organizations through all stages of the chemical project lifecycle, from exploration through to production.

Our advisers offer timely, practical and objective advice. They draw on KPMG's extensive global network of technical and industry resources.  

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