The Agricultural sector maintains a crucial role both in supplying indonesia's domestic market, as well as providing an attractive supply of exports.

The nation’s agriculture industry continues to expand and diversify, shifting away from being a principally raw material exporter towards being a value added base for the global agro-industry.

Keeping an eye on the domestic market, the government has implemented new policies to shore up domestic food production and security in response to dramatic agricultural commodity price fluctuations in the international market in recent years.

It is crucial to anticipate and respond to the continuous changes in the market to improve the efficiency and profitability of your businesses, including: 

  • Managing earning volatility due to foreign exchange and commodity prices
  • Addressing and responding to tax issues
  • Restructuring, mergers and acquisitions
  • Improving systems and processes
  • Cost management and controls

Good professional advice can help those in the market deal with these matters in a timely and effective manner.


How we can help

We provide AuditTax and Advisory services to many leading agricultural businesses. 

Our cross functional agriculture business professionals focus solely on understanding the issues faced by agribusiness companies and developing tailored solutions to meet the challenges.Our advisers offer timely, practical and objective advice.  We draw on KPMG's extensive global network of technical and industry resources.