Citizenship Actions

Citizenship Actions

We work to find solutions to poverty, education, climate change and sustainable development

We work to find solutions to poverty, education, climate change & sustainable development

We work together to create positive impact in the communities in which we live and work in, striking a balance between mind and heart, putting into practice our firm's values which govern all aspects of our daily life.

Our goal is to ensure that our people, our clients and our communities reach their full potential, knowing that when we coordinate our skills, experience, motivation and passion, we can achieve great things.

In this context, our Citizenship actions are based on four pillars: people, environment, community and life-long learning, aiming to support the following groups: children and students, symbolizing the future, the community of KPMG’s professionals, symbolizing the present, and the elderly, as a token of our respect and to provide support to the communities in which we operate.

Our actions are aligned with UN's Sustainable Development Goals. We participate in public dialogue on sustainability by participating in related conferences and committees and enter into partnerships to further our initiatives.

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