Recognizing the value of the people who daily contribute to the implementation of KPMG's goals and projects, we choose to invest in their personal and professional development, by cultivating a relationship between them and the company of mutual respect and support, equality and acceptance, trust and security. Oriented by the welfare and health of our people, we carry out a series of actions and training programs, to ensure the maximum performance and positive change in their personal lives as well as in the dynamics of the company itself.

The value of health and well-being is strengthened through the creation of the pillar "people" in "Our Impact Plan", as well as, the "well-being” initiatives, organized through the year, focusing on physical mental health.

Our people’s well-being is a value of the utmost importance, as it is a guiding tool for their personal and professional development. Our concern is to promote diversity and inclusion because through the interchange of opinions, ideas, and knowledge, we help people express their talent.

Wellbeing Month

A series of activities for empowering KPMG’s people mentally and physically are carried out in order to maximize people’s professional performance and personal well-being. Some of the seminars organized every year are, Mindfulness for proper breathing and wellness in the workplace, Myths and Truths about Diabetes, Tips for a Healthy Diet, Home Ergonomics & Stretching, Cyber Security Tips for Parents, Photography Lessons, Zumba, Cooking Lessons, Pilates Training, Chair Yoga and Orthosomy Classes.

As part of training the mind and body, we organize mountain walks in nature and conduct Fitness Day in collaboration with a well-known series of gyms, while providing free membership for a specific duration, with special offers on sports programs.

At the same time, at the company's offices, we organize a certified First Aid Training on Cardiorespiratory Resuscitation and the use of a Defibrillator. Participants are trained in a hands-on/experiential manner to be able to recognize, assess and handle threatening or no, life conditions.

Occasioned by the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, a specialized program against the sexual harassment and abuse of women, "Stay Away! Krav Maga”, is conducted in our offices, with the purpose of allowing women of every age to learn all the basic self-defense techniques, specifically designed for women, which will save her life if it’s needed.

csr our people
csr our people
csr our people

KPMG International Women's Day

On International Women's Day (IWD) the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women are celebrated globally. In KPMG we raise awareness and educate our employees about our global commitments to a more just, equal, and inclusive society. We organize actions to cover different aspects of inclusion, equality and diversity issues, such as interactive seminars by certified organizations, podcasts and awareness events.

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international women's day
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SDGs Coffee Breaks

At KPMG we recognize our responsibility to help build a better future for all and we are committed to strengthen our contribution to the environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns globally. That’s why from 2022 KPMG participates in the "SDGs Coffee Breaks" program that “Wise Greece” plans and implements. The aim of the program is for KPMG people to be informed about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and to be inspired for contributing to their achievement.

kpmg greece csr coffee breaks
kpmg greece csr coffee breaks