Many organisations are obliged to obtain independent verification of financial and other information reported to regulators. Others voluntarily seek independent verification to avoid factual errors and the risk of non-compliance.

Regulatory audits include but are not limited to financial statements audits. A major role of the auditor is to assist regulators with the prudential supervision exercised by the regulatory bodies. Additional involvement may also be requested to answer specific needs. 

Through the regular training delivered to our staff and our involvement in a number of industry events, we keep abreast of latest regulatory changes and best practices in the banking, funds and insurance/reinsurance industries. 

How we can help

Our firm’s Audit practice assists clients fulfil a range of compliance obligations by conducting independent audits and reviews of financial information and other data. We help our clients identify incidences of non-compliance and increase confidence in the integrity of the information, systems and processes under review.

We seek to build and preserve the trust, respect and confidence of our clients by providing clear, relevant and timely advice.

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