At a time when selective sourcing, "best-of-breed" and an extensive portfolio of suppliers have become the new normal for many clients, concepts such as vendor management and contract management have finally found their place within some IT organisations. It is no longer about outsourcing to save money, but rather about finding strategic partners who directly contribute to the client's business development and offering of new services. The focus has changed, and this means more demanding requirements in terms of flexibility as well as the management and administration of vendors and contracts.

Vendor and contract management can be implemented in many ways, but one of the purposes is to ensure that the contract is not simply archived and put in a cabinet after the contract has been signed. Instead, the contract should be used proactively as intended, the necessary change handling and adjustments should be made based on the specific needs, deadlines and requirements should be maintained and the finances should be monitored and managed. A typical challenge is a lack of resources and the necessary tools, and therefore efforts should be prioritised based on a consideration of, among other things, business criticality and the financial costs associated with the contract.

We can help you with an efficient approach to contract and supplier management, as well as advise on all other phases of the contract lifecycle.

Take your contract and vendor management to the next level

We have experience with process optimisation and design and the technical support thereof, so your business is guaranteed a market-leading approach to the vendor and contract management discipline, where an investment will quickly pay for itself. We can help your business with:

  • Identification and selection of the right technological platform that supports your specific business ambitions, needs and budget.
  • Optimisation of processes and advisory services in relation to roles and responsibilities between your procurement, legal, financial and IT departments.
  • Commercial, technical and financial review of your IT contracts to ensure that you actually get the services you pay for, as well as possible renegotiation of your IT contracts.
  • Requirements and obligations screening, management and automation, which can save you from manual processes and wasted time.

Since vendor management and contract management have become a well-known discipline within some organisations, we also offer advisory services, insights and input to push your organisation up another step on the maturity ladder. We can offer a review of your current vendor and contract management function and are happy to provide recommendations on how you can take your vendor and contract management to the next level. We can also offer a chat about the various market trends and provide insights into best practice.

We assist and provide advisory services within all situations in the operational phase, regardless of whether it is a challenging supplier collaboration relationship, or you simply want some input for your vendor and contract management.

Contact Christian Larsen, Mats Berger or Matthias Lund to learn more about how we can help you with IT contract and supplier management.

We advise through all phases of the IT contract lifecycle