At the end of the tender process, there will typically be a transition phase where the new supplier needs to take control over the IT operations from the incumbent supplier. It requires great expertise to create a smooth transition process, and we often see a tense relationship in these situations between the new and incumbent supplier, with the client acting as an intermediary between the two suppliers.

Typical challenges point towards the incumbent supplier not being willing to cooperate with the new supplier, who is often regarded as a direct competitor. This often creates significant challenges in relation to the delivery or update of documentation objects, lack of prioritisation of knowledge transfer, lack of resource allocation, etc. This creates a bad start for the collaboration between the client and the new supplier and often leads to delays, budget overruns or changes in the expected service quality level. In extreme cases, legal challenges may even arise.

We advise you through this transition phase, as well as cover all other phases of the contract lifecycle in connection with IT-sourcing.

Get through your IT transition safely and securely

We have experience in successfully completing long and complex transition projects on the client and supplier side and as an impartial third party to both. We can guide you safely and securely through any kind of IT transition, regardless of complexity, and provide proactive advice and handling of the transition before issues become showstoppers. We can ensure your business:

• Transition and programme management, which ensures that the supplier delivers the agreed deliverables at the right time and at the right quality. We advise and assist with project management on both a strategic, tactical and operational level.

• Knowledge transfer and review of documentation with the intention to ensuring that the supplier provides documentation that is in accordance with the contractual requirements, obligations and the current market standards. This knowledge will then be part of the handover to the new supplier, usually with a focus on ensuring consistency in the service management processes.

• Contract management and obligations tracking, which ensures a complete overview of all agreed milestones and any outstanding deliverables or objects that the supplier must deliver, as well as the handling and rectification of defects in the deliverables or objects.

• Proactive communication, stakeholder management and organisational change management, which ensures an elegant and easy transition for the end users to new ways of working, roles, responsibilities and processes. We manage the communication and training for the end users and minimise a lot of risks in connection with the service commencement.

Transition management model

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We advise through all phases of the IT contract lifecycle