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Never has the economy been marked by so much dynamism and shaped by so many uncertainties. Companies find themselves in an even more complex environment that harbours many significant risks - and opportunities. This is where effective management combined with close monitoring of the implemented measures can help. In other words, effective corporate governance.

Identify risks, create certainty

KPMG helps you identify risks and opportunities to give you the security to make decisions for the future of your company, with aspects of liability also taken into account. From setting up or optimising preventive management systems, ongoing internal auditing of processes and controls, to auditing in accordance with IDW auditing standards or even ISO certification of effectiveness: with our Corporate Governance Services, we offer market-leading approaches - from a single source. Has there been an incident in your company? If so, we can also provide security with forensic investigations.

There is no standard solution in business

Please contact us with any unique issue you may have. Of course, we will tailor our services specifically to your needs. Together we will determine the engagement scope, activities and reporting to fully meet your risks and your security requirements.