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Corporate governance - that is, the area in a company that deals with responsible corporate management - has changed greatly in recent years. Again and again, new topics and challenges have emerged and continue to emerge, to which answers should be found.

In the CGO Magazine we deal in detail with the different aspects of this topic. In the twelve issues we have published so far, we have looked at what the EU General Data Protection Regulation means for companies, taken a look at sustainable business models and analysed how companies can remain fit for the future with the help of internal control systems. In addition, we conduct in-depth interviews with experts from business and science in each issue. 

Contents of the current issue (April 2023)

Climate change, the Corona crisis, the Russian war of aggression: various external factors are causing increasingly volatile markets. At the same time, digitalisation and regulation are on the rise. In view of these trends, companies are facing new challenges.

This is particularly true for the field of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance). EU institutions and national legislators are currently pushing forward various regulatory initiatives on this topic. The most important goal is to make non-financial reporting more comprehensive and comparable.

This means that the pressure on companies to continuously adapt their reporting structures is increasing. What does this mean for governance systems in companies? What design options are there? What are the three ESG drivers - and how does the integration of the ESG strategy into the organisational and operational structure work? Answers, suggestions and insights can be found in the current issue of our magazine "CGO".

Other topics in the issue:

  • Legal certainty increases, risks remain: The regulation and regulability of the crypto sector
  • New Work creates new challenges for compliance work
  • Corporate governance: How corporate structures become ready for the IPO
  • Focus on IT security: Protecting the crown jewels in the best possible way