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We are the first point of contact for financial and administrative processes in the public sector as well as in the healthcare industry. In these areas, we support our clients with our comprehensive expertise in the transformation towards more innovation, efficiency and sustainability. In the healthcare industry, we support our clients in strategic transformations, in the adaptation of supply processes, financial functions and the implementation of regulatory requirements.

The range of tasks of public administration is continuously growing. At the same time, the public sector has a lot of catching up to do and a need for further development in the digitalisation and automation of processes compared to private actors. In addition, government-provided monetary support and funding programmes for citizens and companies also present public administration with major tasks. Due to limited resources, this leads to a strongly growing need for external support among public clients.

One of the fastest growing segments in the market for public sector consulting is the health care industry. The high demand for support in the healthcare industry is triggered by two significant trends that reinforce each other: The demand for health services is constantly increasing due to demographic factors. At the same time, the retirement of the "baby boomer" generation is increasingly exacerbating the already existing shortage of skilled workers. These developments lead to great pressure to change, which can often only be managed with external support.

In addition, the issue of sustainability is presenting public administration and the health industry with increasingly complex challenges. Today, it is necessary to determine the essential fields of action, set priorities and launch implementation initiatives in this wide range of ESG topics - environmental, social and governance. Non-financial reporting, essentially concretised by the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and EU taxonomy, will also be applied to public sector companies. The exemplary character that public companies have is indispensable here.

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