Jana Behr, Partner, Financial Services, Head of Technology & Finance Consulting, explains in the video how she is shaping the future of finance with empathy for customers and her financial and IT expertise.


Three questions for Jana

What motivates you every day?

Jana Behr: I'm motivated by the fact that I'm always getting new ideas, meeting lots of great people and experiencing new challenges and surpassing myself as a result.

"I make sure that everyone is involved in the transformation."

Jana Behr
Jana Behr

What does transformation mean to you?

Jana Behr: Fresh impetus and enriching acquaintances. For me, there is nothing worse than standing still. That's why I'm happy to develop new things with my customers every day. My attitude is: the customer is king. This is certainly also due to my background in a family of restaurateurs, where I learnt to treat people with empathy.

How do you make the difference?

Jana Behr: I put out fires for my customers instead of making fair weather and I am also very direct. True to the motto: tough, but sincere. I offer technical and implementation excellence, paired with holistic customer care, whereby the interpersonal level plays a key role in creating reliability.

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