What should the finance function of the future look like? Its realignment is not about making assumptions - but about using digitalisation as an opportunity to actively guide current and future demands on the finance function.

For finance functions, this means positioning themselves transparently, digitally and networked.

A modern finance function covers the areas of financial management, tax function, accounting, treasury and controlling. This means that its objectives are closely integrated into the overall corporate strategy and the specific competitive strategies.

It is clear how much its tasks have changed in recent years - from administrative activities to a comprehensively integrated and advisory area for the entire organisation.

The use of digital solutions plays a central role in this. In the future, repetitive activities can be almost completely automated and financial data can be made available quickly, comprehensively and in a form that can be easily evaluated in order to support important corporate decisions. As a result, the role of the finance function is growing and changing. It is becoming a true business partner for the entire company with a clear focus on value-adding activities.

The prerequisites are appropriate organisational structures, the targeted use of technology solutions, the realignment of competencies in the teams and the consideration of new forms of collaboration.

Your finance function can also do more - and our experts know how you can achieve this "more" and make ideal use of the opportunities of digitalisation.

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In our podcast series "15 Minutes - Future of Finance", our experts regularly discuss current topics related to the transformation of the finance department. In short and informative talks, you will gain valuable insights and new impulses for a value-creating finance department.

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