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The high quality of our employees is the most important factor in our long-term success. As an employer, we want them to be committed to KPMG in the long term, and we effectively counteract the general trend towards rising turnover rates. At the same time, we face the challenge that women are still underrepresented in top positions around the world. The common goal of all KPMG member companies is to achieve female representation of 33 percent at the partner and director levels by 2025. For KPMG in Germany as well, continuously increasing the proportion of women in leadership is a primary concern.

We are a “people business,” and as an employer, we always focus on our employees. They should be able to develop as people and reach their full potential. For this reason, we offer a working environment in which everyone can develop successfully and the performance of each employee is individually supported. To this end, we have created a corporate culture that promotes strengths with mutual respect and identifies potential for development.

To attract the best talent, a high level of employer appeal is essential. A value-oriented corporate strategy is highly relevant when choosing an employer. The clear and credible positioning of the company with regard to its values and culture is a decisive factor in the intensifying competition for high potentials. We respond to this with measures in the areas of development and careers, inclusion, diversity and equality as well as work-life balance. In addition, the health and well-being of our employees are essential aspects of our People activities.

Our goals

Our goal is to...

  • ...attract the best employees for KPMG.
  • ...offer our employees the promise of growth and promote continuous, individualised learning.
  • ...offer our employees the best and most diverse career opportunities and enable them to choose suitable career paths.
  • ...ensure performance-based, transparent remuneration and recognition.
  • ...live a culture of value-driven collaboration and leadership by promoting diversity.
  • ...balance productivity and well-being for our employees.


Employees are the key to a successful business. In order to continue to attract new talent for us in the future, we focus our recruiting activities on the needs and expectations of the candidates.

For us as a service company, the current shortage of skilled workers and the increasing competition in the job market are among the greatest challenges when it comes to hiring new talent. Due to ever increasing regulations, the requirements have increased significantly in recent years, especially in the auditing industry.


This also has an effect on the professional profile in tax consulting and auditing. The demanding and thus lengthy education, as well as the great responsibility later on in one’s professional life, is apparent in the career decisions of young professionals. In addition, there is the general trend towards being more willing to change in today’s working world.

We meet these challenges by providing comprehensive information about KPMG’s professional fields with our employer branding campaigns and making them attractive for high potentials. With the help of numerous other recruiting activities, we want to position ourselves successfully in the “competition for talent” and employ the best people for us.

Our recruiting activities focus on the following measures and offers, among others. More details can be found in the Recruiting chapter.
  • “Candidate First” strategy
  • University marketing
  • Digital recruitment process
  • Offers and benefits for employees

Offers and benefits for our employees

• Location-based sports facilities and discounted fitness offers

• Various health services

• Bicycle leasing as part of salary conversion

• Participation in the Corporate Benefits Programme

• Mobile phones, even for personal use

• Food allowance

• Job tickets (at selected locations)

• Company pension scheme

• Capital–forming benefits


We were able to permanently hire more than 3,400 new employees1 (previous year: more than 2,200).


We have held more than 200 regional and transregional university marketing events.


We were also able to attract more than 4,200 up-and-coming talents2 for KPMG (previous year: 3,080 up-and-coming talents). 26 percent of them decided to join KPMG following an internship or work student activity (previous year: 37 percent).


Around 50 percent of all KPMG recruiting events took place virtually. This also saved on travel-related emissions.


Our KPMGnext Talent Community now has more than 1,600 active members.


In addition, virtual participation was promoted in the 2022 financial year with around 830 tree donations for the mountain forest project.

1Total number of permanent positions or contract acceptances in the KPMG Group per capita, excluding KPMG Law.

2Essential interns, work students, dual students, trainees and temporary workers.

Development and career

Lifelong learning is very important at KPMG: Only with well-trained employees can we offer our quality promise of “Excellence. We are always improving” for our customers. Continuous and individualised learning and professional development, as well as support along individualised career paths, is essential for this. This is because motivated and long-time employees support KPMG in meeting our customers’ expectations. We focus on developing strengths and providing encouraging and continuous feedback.

We see the current change in learning culture as the greatest challenge for our activities. Lifelong learning – not only at KPMG – is moving away from a separation of learning and working, and moving towards integrated and digital formats. We are responding to this development by promoting the use of new technologies, for example, through LinkedIn Learning, which KPMG provides to all employees. We also offer our employees learning and development opportunities that they can integrate optimally and in a timely manner into their day-to-day work. 

Our activities in this area focus on the following measures and offers, among others. More details can be found in the Development and Careers chapter.
  • Comprehensive pre- and onboarding
  • Learning and development formats
  • Our feedback structure
  • Our mentoring programmes
  • A total of 138 young talents (previous year: 127) are currently completing a vocational training course at KPMG, of which 26 are combining their vocational training with a degree-level course.
  • We have hired around 74 percent (previous year: also 74 percent) of the trainees after successful completion.
  • 352 (previous year: 302) top talents participated in our Emerging Leader Programme this year.
  • EUR 93.5 million was invested on the training and further education of our employees.

In the future, we will continue to focus on integrating learning and development even more closely with the day-to-day work of our employees. To do this, we want to integrate innovative approaches based on science and practice and align them with the needs of our business.

Inclusion and diversity

Inclusion and diversity at KPMG stands for mutual appreciation and respectful treatment of individuality, regardless of age, ethnic origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and ideology, sexual orientation and social background. We believe that different perspectives, experiences and life stories increase our momentum and creativity. The diversity we enjoy at KPMG is a great force for innovation and is therefore also an advantage for our customers. Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is reinforced by the Diversity Charter, which we were one of the first German companies to sign in 2007. The diversity within our company is aligned with the measures set out in the Diversity Charter.


We want to raise awareness and enable all our employees to create, maintain and develop an inclusive corporate culture and diverse team compositions. We want people of all genders to have the same development and career opportunities. We therefore support equal opportunities for all genders in various ways. This also includes giving every person the opportunity to balance professional and personal goals, for example, with parental leave, flexible working hours and care.

Our activities in this area focus on the following measures, offers and principles, among others. More details on this can be found in the Inclusion and Diversity chapter.
  • Diversity all year round - In six focus months, we raise awareness and provide information through various exchange formats and campaigns
  • Work-life balance through flexible working hours and diverse offers to balance career and personal life
  • Our networks enable our employees to exchange information on relevant topics
  • Speak-up formats to provide support in dealing with challenging situations and encourage the sovereignty and candour of the employee

Fair Share:

We assume that potential knows no gender. That is why one of our goals is to promote our diverse talents in a fair proportion. In this way, we want to ensure a fair gender distribution across all positions.

Equal Pay:

Equal opportunities also mean equal pay. Based on regular analyses of our remuneration structures, KPMG compensates employees in accordance with their qualifications and performance – fairly and regardless of gender.

Work-Life Balance:

For our employees, careers and personal lives should exist in harmony. We have implemented various measures and offers to support them in working in a way that is aligned with their family situation and phase of life. With the long-established Focus.Family program, for example, we enable financial support and flexible working time models after the birth of a child. With our cooperating companies, we offer our employees anonymous and free advice and mediation on health, family and social issues. Support with nursing care in the family is also part of this offer. In addition, we offer various models for flexible working hours and customised weekly or monthly working schedules, as well as regulations for working from home.

calendar icon 12.5%
Percentage of women in management positions at the Board of Management (previous year: also 12.5 percent)
calendar icon 107
People of 107 different nationalities work at KPMG (previous year: 98 nationalities).
calendar icon 17%
Proportion of women in management positions at the first level below the Board of Management (previous year: 16 percent)
calendar icon 1,900
We have more than 1,900 active members across our KPMG networks (previous year: more than 1,600 members).
calendar icon 39%
Percentage of women in management positions at the second level below the Board of Management (previous year: also 39 percent)
calendar icon 39%
In 2022, the organisation PROUD AT WORK once again gave awards for commitment to LGBTQ+ equal opportunities in the workplace. Six KPMG employees are also listed in the current list of PROUD PERFORMERS.
calendar icon 5/16
Members of the Supervisory Board are women, which corresponds to approximately 31 percent (previous year: also 5 of 16)
calendar icon 180
In the 2022 financial year, around 180 employees were involved with the Focus.Family programme.
calendar icon 17%
As in the previous year, 17 percent of employees and around 17 percent of managers at KPMG took advantage of the offer of an individualised working time model (previous year: 16 percent).

Health and well-being


Company health management is of great importance to KPMG – the physical and mental health of our employees is a central concern for us as an employer. Therefore, we anchor our measures to promote health and well-being at work, as well as prevention, as a cross-divisional management approach.

We see a particular challenge in this respect in the current global crises: The COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the climate crisis are increasingly creating psychological burdens on employees due to long-lasting stress.

The consequences of the COVID-19 crisis due to contact restrictions, such as feelings of isolation, exclusively virtual onboarding and collaboration, remote management, and a lack of team feeling, have also contributed to the psychological burden on employees.

We consider preventive measures and the timely relief or support of those affected to be particularly important. In addition, we want to raise awareness about “mental stress” through various measures and fight any stigma surrounding it.

Our activities in this area focus on the following measures and offers, among others. More details on this can be found in the Health chapter.
  • Mental health and mental strength offers
  • Advice and support
  • External life coaching and social counselling
  • Health and fitness services on-site
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Nutritional advice
  • Bike leasing

  • In Autumn 2022, we performed around 1,700 in-house influenza vaccinations.
  • In the meantime, around 730 colleagues were already taking advantage of KPMG’s bike lease offer.
  • As part of our mental health campaign, around 5,500 interested parties participated in the live motivational talks.

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