What's KPMG Powered Enterprise?

KPMG Powered Enterprise allows organizations to streamline their back-office performance, making them more efficient. It provides a combination of leading practices and processes, proven technology solutions and a next-generation project delivery framework to get the maximum value from technology and to achieve the outcome your business needs. Answer critical questions with KPMG Powered Enterprise, such as:

  • How can we ensure that our business processes are ready for the future and based on leading practices?
  • How can our function perform better?
  • How can we encourage our people to embrace new ways of working?
  • What is a better way to control risk and regulation?
  • What should we do to drive our transformation program efficiently and ensure the defined outcomes will be achieved?

Powered Enterprise will accelerate your transformation program, giving you maximum flexibility to grow and adapt in the future.

What’s in the box?

Powered Enterprise provides you with three integrated elements for transformational success. Using our tried and tested operating model, implementation suite of tools and ongoing evolution services you can choose your desired functional outcomes then make them a reality.

Functional transformation across the enterprise

It’s all about functional transformation, your business’ future agility, and real, long-lasting change that’s repeatable across your business. Choose a new model for growth with our Powered solutions:

Why choose Powered?

›   Transform the way you run your business

›   Drive success with the latest leading practice

›   Build agile functions that evolve as you grow

›   Help your people adopt and embrace change

›   Exploit the best technologies for value and performance

›   Optimize service delivery and use of data for competitive advantage