Transfer Pricing Advisor

Transfer Pricing Advisor

A straightforward choice?

A straightforward choice?

Georgi Stoev

Georgi Stoev advises that if you are looking for a dynamic job, the area of Transfer Pricing is the place with all the changes in directives and regulations in recent years

How did it all start?

After completing my Master's degree in International Business in France, I decided to pursue a career at a company that would provide me with a unique opportunity to evolve in a strong business environment and open the doors to great professional opportunities. Transfer Pricing has been one of the main tax topics in the last few years, surrounded by dynamism and  changes in directives and regulations. Both this and the fact that KPMG is the one of the largest employers for specialists in the area of Transfer Pricing led me to my decision to follow this career path.

What energizes you at work?

What motivates me to do my best and sustains my constant desire to succeed are the relationships with my colleagues and the stimulating daily routine. The professional but also friendly atmosphere at KPMG contributes to a young specialist's desire to build their work habits, following the example of accomplished experts. At KPMG, I learned to be flexible in communicating with others. Exchanging skills and information is without doubt a two-way street, so I really developed my ability to convey knowledge to others with enthusiasm.

What is the most exciting moment in your career in KPMG?

Since I became part of KPMG a little over a year ago, I have had the opportunity to attend a number of client meetings. Given the diverse client portfolio, my team has had the chance to build very strong relationships with business managers from various sectors. I remember one meeting with a big client from the Automotive industry, which gave me the opportunity to understand how the sector operates in Bulgaria and to examine vehicles and repair shops on the spot.

How do you make your work-life balance?

I feel satisfied with my work and believe that my work-life balance is at complete equilibrium. At KPMG I met many people who quickly became my close friends. This contributes to pleasant and easy-going work days, where conversations with colleagues continue even after hours. Moreover, KPMG provides the opportunity to work from home, which sometimes allows me to work from a variety of places I love, as well as from my hometown Bansko.

Three words that describe your working day

Exciting, challenging and rewarding.


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