Auditor – the “exotic” profession

Auditor – the “exotic” profession

Making the “unpopular” choice?

Making the “unpopular” choice?

Tsvetan Vasilev

Tsvetan Vasilev shares why working as an auditor is as exotic as the shows on the Discovery Channel

How did it all start?

It started when I was completing my Мaster’s degree in the Netherlands in 2014. I had a short trip back to Bulgaria in the spring and I contacted KPMG directly and the HR department were very considerate of my situation I went through the whole recruitment process very effectively in three days. I accepted the offer I received shortly after and in September 2014 I officially became part of the KPMG family.

How did you get to where you are?

Back in 2014 I started as a Junior Audit Assistant. Since then I’ve been part of audit teams for a wide range of clients from the Retail, Energy, Oil and Gas industries, and others. From early on it was clear to me that I have an affinity for Industrial Manufacturing clients and find auditing them particularly engaging. My professional path to date has more or less been the traditional one. I started as a team member advancing to  team lead, and - following my promotion to Аssistant Мanager in 2019 - I became the manager for many of the clients I had already worked with.

What are the three things that describe you as a professional?

Three things are quite insufficient to describe a person, but I’ll try to fit in. I would go with “professional”, “result-oriented” and “kind”. Or at least these are the qualities that I strive to achieve in my day-to-day work.

What is the most rewarding moment in your career in KPMG?

The most rewarding moments are those when you are in an important meeting or a call with clients and the both sides agree on the most appropriate accounting treatment. Many of our clients are subsidiaries of global multi-billion companies and very often these meetings include both representatives of the local client and high-level Group management from abroad. Usually these decisions are the culminating point of days or even weeks of hard work and preparation by the audit team, so once you succeed you get a very tangible sense of achievement and payoff for the efforts you made.

Can you share something interesting about yourself or your career?

Every day in Audit has potential to yield interesting opportunities. For example, during inventory counts you might personally witness things that are usually reserved only for the Discovery channel. During the time I have worked in KPMG I have seen from close-by giant ships, mining trucks - 6-7 meters high, as well as some of the largest and most advanced production facilities in the country.

In your words what qualities should an aspiring audit professional possess?

Being a successful auditor requires a complex skillset, but in my opinion there are several key building blocks, from which all starts. These are an analytical mind, a questioning mindset and solid academic background in finance and/or accounting.

What are the learning & development paths for an auditor?

Audit is no different from many other professions in the sense that success is the product of life-long learning and self-development. Maybe the key difference is that KPMG provides opportunities for learning that are much more limited elsewhere. For example – only a few months ago I went on a week-long training in London in order to become a Sampling Champion for the audit teams in the Balkans. But this is only a glimpse of what KPMG offers. Since my first days back in 2014 I have participated in a number of audit and accounting trainings, and I am also going forward towards achieving an ACCA qualification.

How do you make your work-life balance?

Mostly, with planning and some personal ground rules. The schedule in audit is demanding during some parts of the year and requires some adjustments. So, for their personal peace of mind a person in Audit has to have a clear idea what is the purpose and meaning behind being an auditor for them and not to feel burdened by these decisions.

What does your favorite Sunday morning look like?

A brunch would be perfect.

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