Payroll Specialist

Payroll Specialist

The responsible choice? Definitely yes!

The responsible choice? Definitely yes!

Denitsa Atanasova

Read about the learning curve in this profession as shared by our colleague Denitsa Atanasova

Who is Denitsa?

Denitsa is an ordinary girl from Shumen with extraordinary dreams covering the world.

You joined KPMG shortly after you graduated, why did you choose to become a  part of our team?

It may sound like a cliché, but it was my dream to work at KPMG. I heard about KPMG for the first time in my life while I was studying my Bachelor Degree in Finance in the University of Economics in Varna. After my graduation I moved to Sofia. I remember when I was passing by the KPMG building I was saying to myself “I should work here!”. And that is what I set as a goal and accomplished! Back to the question “Why KPMG?”- because KPMG is a place where opportunities are available and limitless, where you can improve, develop, challenge yourself and feel comfortable with the people you work with.

What has been your career path at KPMG so far?

I joined KPMG four years ago. I started at a junior position, because I did not have practical experience in the field - everything was new for me. First I started to support bigger teams and to work closely with senior colleagues. Mainly I had HR administration tasks - preparing contracts, additional agreements, termination orders, income statements, processing absences information. However, I was eager to be familiar with the whole payroll process so I started to work with small and middle-sized clients taking more responsibilities concerning Payroll services. During this period I learnt the specifics of the payroll process such as which accruals are taxable and which are not, preparing and submission of the statutory reports and declarations to the Authorities, etc.

Now, I work over various big projects independently leading the full payroll process and HR administration. I would define my job as very diverse because within my client base I gain experience with different working times and contracts, internal company policies, different cases concerning budgetary liabilities, personal income taxation and insurance requirements for local residents and foreigners.

Three words that describe your working day

Challenging, funny and dynamic.

Why is what you do rewarding?

It is a never-ending learning process - you gain knowledge every day. Moreover, working with different clients allows you to enrich your professional experience and develop your personal skills.

What are the 3 key qualities of a good Payroll specialist?

First of all, you should be informed and alert regarding updates concerning Labor legislation and the profession. You should be open to new knowledge and look for information. Second, you should have good organizational skills because Payroll means deadlines that cannot be postponed. You should learn how to prioritize your job duties in order to meet those deadlines on time. Last but not least, I would say analytical skills are quite important - to look for solutions and answers, to be curious and to have logical mindset.

What does it feel like to be a part of the KPMG family?

How you feel at your work place and the interaction with your colleagues is very important. In fact, you spend more time at the office than at home with your family. We work in an open space and during the day we communicate, laugh and support each other. Also, I have built strong friendships within KPMG and I sometimes I joke with them that “KPMG is connecting people”.

Ensuring the employees of large multinational companies get their accurate remuneration in a timely manner is a big responsibility so how do you ensure that you balance work and life?

It is definitely true - it is a big responsibility and sometimes we work under pressure. Good organizational skills, time-management and goals-oriented mindset are very important in order to find the right balance between your professional and private life. Also, it is crucial to establish collaboration with clients, to work as a team. I think that everything is achievable. Having a hobby also helps - something that cheers you up and motivates you. For example, I really enjoy travelling, exploring new places and cultures. I like sport activities too, just being active – that is what charges my soul. Everyone should find their own recipe to manage work-life balance.

What does your favorite Sunday morning look like?

I really like to wake up at home with the smell of pancakes (already made), fresh orange juice and coffee, having free time to read and just enjoy the morning.

When you were a child, what did you want to become when you grow up?

Long story short: I really wanted to become an actress. Why? Because of Leonardo DiCaprio, of course [Laughs].

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