Transactions Advisor

Transactions Advisor

Not sure what this choice means?

Not sure what this choice means?

Anna Velichkova

Anna Velichkova shares her experience of working in Deal Advisory

Can you share something interesting about yourself to get to know you better?

I have always enjoyed working with numbers since my earliest age and Math was my favorite subject at school, which, logically, has driven my passion towards Accounting and Finance. 

After completing my bachelor's degree in Finance and my master’s degree in Bank Management at the University of Economics - Varna, I started working as a financial analyst. I found this job position quite interesting and thus I realized how important the role of a financial specialist is as being the financial advisor providing prompt support and accurate analysis for decision-makers. This led me to my wish to continue with my job-enhancing education. Choosing the ACCA qualification was the best way of improving my career and achieving a much higher level of knowledge in the finance field. 

Currently, I have successfully completed my ACCA qualification and I am so happy to be employed by such a lifelong-learning focused company as KPMG which is fully supporting me by providing everything I really need to maintain my ACCA membership, i.e. financial, administrative support and regular trainings which are vital for keeping my skills up to date.

How did it all start?

Prior to joining KPMG, I have worked as a financial analyst at two well-known manufacturers for more than 9 years gaining solid and valuable experience in financial analysis.

How did you get to where you are?

I started working at KPMG back in July 2018 as an Advisor in the Deal Advisory department, after taking the decision to make a change in my career path. When I initially saw the job posting, I knew it would be something new, challenging and exciting so I eagerly applied. I chose to join Advisory because it provides the unique opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills in accounting and corporate finance. I love the fact that I have the chance to work with various clients from diverse industries. 

It’s definitely challenging but at the same time it’s really interesting and worthwhile. We support our clients in executing successful M&A transactions by providing financial due diligence assistance. My work involves target company data analysis to identify financial and operating trends, quality of earnings and working capital considerations, and potential liabilities and risks that impact valuation and negotiation of the target company. Every client is always different so every project is another learning experience and my knowledge and skill set are growing with the client base. 

And, last but not least, I am part of an amazing team in a great environment with very high standards of professionalism.

What energizes you at work?

I love starting new projects. It’s exciting and satisfying to have the chance to look at the financial information provided by corporates from different industries. It pushes me to deepen my knowledge in finance and to acquire industry relevant skills.

And of course, coffee breaks with colleagues, who I call friends now. 

Three words that describe your weekends 

Yoga, hanging out with friends and long walks out with my dog.

Three words that describe a day in the office

Collaborative, challenging and definitely: exciting 😊

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