Public Finance Management Advisor

Public Finance Management Advisor

Тhis choice never occurred to you?

Тhis choice never occurred to you?

Reni Roussinova

Reni Roussinova explains why sound public finance management is fundamental to the accomplishment of the objectives of the Public Sector 

Can you share something interesting about yourself to get to know you better?

I graduated Byron College - the British International school in Athens having the chance to make lifelong friends from different countries and interact with different cultures.

I hold a Master’s degree in Law from Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski” and my strongest passion is Administrative Law.

How did it all start?

Prior to joining KPMG, I have worked as an external auditor at the National Audit Office in Bulgaria and the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg, carrying out compliance and performance audits of public finances and policies’ implementation.

How did you get to where you are?

Currently, I work as  Senior Advisor providing consulting services at national and international level to public sector bodies in terms of assessments of financial management and control systems of public administrations, as well as business process analysis and organizational development. 

I am engaged in the implementation of large-scale Public Finance Management (PFM) projects allowing me to share experience, exchange ideas and work with professionals in the Public Sector aiming to build capacities and graduate financial management systems that lead to good governance.

Why PFM is so important? Sound public finance management is fundamental to the accomplishment of the objectives of the Public Sector through improving the quality of public service outcomes; adding value to budget development and reform processes; operational and strategic government decision-making cycle; building public trust in the performance of the sector; and ensuring accountability and efficiency in the management of public funds.

What energizes you at work?

Being part of a successful team; completing a complex project and seeing it through to the end.

What keeps you going when you are not in the office?

My inspirations are ….rediscovering the world with my children, all the “little” things that bring importance, interesting people and places.

Three words that describe a day in the office?

Collaborative, creative and exciting.

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