Giving back to our communities, #Together #ForBetter, is an essential part of life at KPMG and an integral part of our values, culture, and Impact Plan. We believe it is our responsibility to help and play an active part in our communities across Belgium. To further boost our efforts in this area, we are proud to announce the launch our very own KPMG Foundation.

The KPMG Foundation acts as a catalyst in the mobilization of KPMG and its people in giving back to our communities. More than providing an avenue for giving, the Foundation helps drive KPMG’s mission to be a socially responsible, civic-minded organization and promotes a culture in which our people thrive personally and professionally.

The Foundation will group together all our philanthropic activities in Belgium, including our:

  • main ESG partnerships, such as with Kom op Tegen Kanker, YouthStart and MyMachine;
  • fundraising activities;
  • pro bono work;
  • disaster relief responses; and
  • volunteering projects proposed by our people

Volunteering projects

Through our KPMG Foundation, we want to give our people the opportunity and time to make a real difference in the communities and charities they care about. By giving every person the opportunity to submit a volunteer work project, we aim to motivate everyone to get actively involved and make an impact. Because only #Together can we make a real difference and achieve a collective goal of 3,750 hours of volunteering per year.

Not only is this a unique opportunity to truly make a difference, it’s also a great way to connect with others, gain a sense of purpose, develop new perspectives, and learn new skills!


Escalpade is a non-profit organization in Walloon Brabant. Their aim is to promote and carry out any pedagogical, social, cultural, or educational project for people with disabilities, through organizing daycare, leisure, or teaching activities.

Under the KPMG Foundation, our KPMG volunteers are supporting Escalpade by spending a day maintaining their garden and parking facilities, as well as developing a new vegetable garden.

Boccia Belgium

Boccia is a sport that creates opportunities and removes barriers, which allows all people with disabilities to exercise and play sports in a healthy way. It is very similar to petanque. Boccia is supported by Boccia Belgium and their aim is to establish a national team of Boccia players.

Through the KPMG Foundation, our KPMG volunteers are supporting Boccia Belgium by helping out during three major Boccia events. 

Andreasschool Strijpen

Andreasschool Strijpen

Andreasschool Strijpen is a small local primary school located in Zottegem. They have acquired the "parish house" for the school which is currently being renovated. The school intends to use the parish house for an equipped refectory and additional multifunctional classrooms, all equipped with modern applications.

Through the KPMG Foundation, our KPMG volunteers will lend a hand to help transform the parish house into a school. 

River Cleanup

River Cleanup is a global network organization that prevents plastic from reaching our oceans by cleaning rivers. Their aim is to collect as much trash as possible from the rivers, and to change behavior and awareness so that plastic waste no longer reaches the rivers at all.

Through the KPMG Foundation, our KPMG volunteers are participating in cleanup operations in the area around Liège, Wallonia, where floods occurred in 2021. 


Founded in memory of Eline Moeremans, the non-profit organization Ferm' Eline is an inclusive, warm, safe, and accessible place for vulnerable youth or young adults, helping them find healing and peace in the nature of the Ardennes and close to animals. It is a place where young people from psychiatry and special youth care can recharge and develop together with the people who are important to them.

Through the KPMG Foundation, our KPMG volunteers are supporting Ferm’Eline by lending a helping hand with the renovation of the guest house and gardening.

Fondation Forêt de Soignes

Forêt de Soignes

The Foundation Forêt de Soignes is responsible of managing the Sonian Forest, which comprises more than 5,000 hectares of woodland across Flanders, Brussels, and Wallonia.

Through the KPMG Foundation, our KPMG volunteers will help protect and preserve the Forêt de Soignes by managing invasive plants and blocking wild paths, by removing sheaths from young trees, and by cleaning-up litter and other debris, among other activities.

Canal It Up

Canal It Up is an association founded by a group of young people from Brussels who wanted to save the beauty of their beloved city’s waterways. Their aim is to have a clean, plastic-free Brussels canal where nature also has its place.

Through the KPMG Foundation, our KPMG volunteers are taking on the Brussels Canal challenge. They are supporting Canal It UP by spending half a day cleaning the Brussels canal by kayak.

Feestvarken vzw

Feestvarken vzw is a non-profit organization that focuses on bringing joy and celebration to children who face challenging circumstances. Their primary mission is to ensure that every child, regardless of their background or situation, experiences the magic and happiness of celebrating their birthday.

Through the KPMG Foundation, our KPMG volunteers help with packing birthday boxes, painting, and Do-It-Yourself work. They also help with warehouse work (replenishing stock, folding wrapping paper, cutting ribbons, replenishing shelves).