As a firm with almost 1,900 skillful, passionate, and hard-working people, we believe we can and must contribute meaningfully to our communities. Our philanthropic initiatives reflect the causes close to our people’s hearts, aligned with our Impact Plan, which is why we’ve chosen to partner with organizations where we can involve our people to advance youth development, cancer research and mentorship, among others.

Our commitments in action

At KPMG, our philanthropic focus is aligned with our Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) strategy, Our KPMG Impact Plan. Within this plan, we have committed to collectively contributing 3,750 hours of volunteering per year, starting in 2022.

We also look for partners whose values are aligned with our own, with complementary knowledge, skills and resources, and with whom we can work together to amplify our impact and deliver on our commitments.

This includes partnerships with organizations such as:


The first AI school in Belgium, which was launched in Brussels as a joint initiative by BeCode, Microsoft, and five founding partners; Cronos Groep, Delaware, Faktion, KPMG and Xylos. As one of the founding partners, we proudly help tackle a shortage of AI experts in Belgium, recognizing that the skills and knowledge needed in today's world are changing.

Kom Op Tegen Kanker (KOTK)

Non-profit organization that works with governments to make changes to legislation that will help reduce the risk of cancer for the population.  KOTK also raises public awareness and informs the population about causes of cancer, risks and the advantages and disadvantages of early detection through a number of activities and partnership initiatives throughout the year.

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A non-profit organization focusing on integrating youth and young adults experiencing difficulties in the professional & social world. YouthStart’s mission is to teach these opportunity-seeking young individuals a range of entrepreneurial skills, offering them the possibility to realize their ambitions.

My Machine

A non-profit organization that connects people across generations. In MyMachine, the cooperation and interaction between the three educational levels is central. Steps 1-2-3 in the MyMachine methodology are not separate steps. On the contrary. The whole process is based on co-creation, collaboration between students of all educational levels who work together as equals to create "dream machines" during one school/academy year.

KPMG Foundation

The KPMG Foundation groups all our philanthropic activities in Belgium, including our volunteering work, our main ESG partnerships, disaster relief and smaller volunteering projects proposed by our employees.

KPMG Forest

KPMG is collaborating with the Flemish organization BOS+ to plant our own KPMG Forest. Through this project, we want to increase awareness of our sustainability efforts and the positive effect of creating natural space and we will offset a small part of our CO2 emissions.