For a professional services firm like KPMG, focusing on prosperity means impacting society through our service expertise and helping our clients find solutions that combine positive societal values with good business sense. By advising our clients on more sustainable ways to operate and supporting them in their ESG transitions, we help accelerate change across various business sectors to benefit society.

Investing in audit quality

Audit quality is fundamental and is the key measure on which our professional reputation stands. We’re committed to ensuring our approach to audit quality evolves as the audit itself continues to be reshaped with new technologies and methods that create a better experience for clients.

Responsible tax

The work we do to support organizations in meeting their tax responsibilities is critical in contributing to the communities in which they operate, including by helping to reduce debt, drive sustainable economic growth and address the social justice issues that matter.

Sustainability services, our step-by-step approach

Our sustainability services team is here to support and guide our clients throughout their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) journey. Our experts assist clients from the very early stage of strategy development to implementation, reporting, assurance and enabling value creation. 

Knowledge sharing

To contribute to debates on complex subjects that we deal with in the business world, we periodically publish a vast repertoire of information, created by the KPMG network. Publishing thought leaderships and other material highlighting our expertise allows us to deliver service excellence and valuable information to our customers.