For a professional services firm like KPMG, focusing on prosperity means making an impact on society through our service expertise, helping our clients to find solutions that combine positive societal values with good business sense.  As a firm we can directly improve our sustainability and social contribution by reducing our negative impact on the planet and positively affecting the lives of the people we interact with. However, KPMG’s indirect impact on society is considerably larger. By advising our clients on more sustainable ways to operate and supporting them in their ESG transitions, we help to accelerate change across a variety of business sectors, to benefit society as a whole.

At KPMG, we focus on purposeful business, supported by our values. We have a fundamental commitment to serve the public interest and build trust. Everything we do has to be underpinned by objectivity, independence, ethics and integrity, from our commitment to leading our professions in audit quality and drive responsible tax practices, to delivering the highest quality work to advisory clients. Through our audit and tax services, KPMG firms aim to help business to run in a fair and transparent way, and through KPMG Impact and our advisory services, we aim to help clients become more effective and resilient in the face of rising volatility and complexity. This in turn fosters wider economic growth and prosperity.

We always aim to act with clear purpose, inspiring confidence and empowering change, not just for our people and clients, but for society at large. By living our Values — Integrity, Courage, Excellence, Together, For Better — and considering the impact of our work from the perspective of a broad range of stakeholders, we believe we're driving purposeful business, fostering prosperity on as broad a scale as possible and helping to address the biggest issues facing our planet. Building on these values, our KPMG Impact plan will drive greater focus on the contribution of activities towards the SDGs.

We bring integrity to financial reporting and help ensure the successful working of the markets, by giving investors the confidence in the information they need to make key decisions. But it’s not just about finances. Prosperity also refers to aspects that relate to wider well-being and sustainable quality of life, such as reducing air pollution or lessening a client’s environmental impact so that everyone in society has cleaner air and a healthier environment. This could mean providing strategic advice to a company wishing to invest in – or source its energy from – renewable energy sources such as wind turbines, solar panels, geothermal energy or hydropower. It could also mean providing logistical support to a local government that wishes to roll-out infrastructure for electric vehicles. It’s about leveraging our core business activities and working together with our clients to improve the impact of our business choices on society and the economy, so that everyone can benefit.


Our commitments

Increase KPMG’s positive impact on society through extending our involvement in business projects that have a societal impact.

We will achieve this by taking the following actions: 

  • Create awareness internally to increase number of ‘purposeful business’ projects
  • Improve impression of KPMG's 'impact on society' of employees by featuring showcase projects
  • Implement (light) process/procedure to monitor purposeful business or impact on society
  • Create internal and external awareness on KPMG’s purposeful business projects.
  • Grow the number of purposeful business projects (those addressing social and environmental challenges) that we engage in.


Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

SDG Prosperity