MyMachine is one of KPMG’s main partnerships, linked to our Impact Plan. As a non-profit organization, MyMachine “builds creative confidence in students-primary, secondary and higher education-to become the change-makers of their own lives, their communities and the world at large.” Our partnership brings together two of KPMG’s priorities, progressing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actions and encouraging innovation in everything that we do.

MyMachine logo

MyMachine’s process is based on co-creation and collaboration among students of all educational levels, who work together as equals to create "dream machines". Together, they collaborate on ideation, co-creation, conception, and the creation of prototypes while tackling problems in everyday life. Through this project, the organization wants to stimulate creativity, entrepreneurship, and the use of technology among children and students.

As KPMG volunteers, we offer the skills we apply in daily professional life, both to the organization as such, and to the young people who participate in the various projects. Our employees also experience the ideation and co-creation process that the children and students use to go from an idea to a dream machine within a limited time and budget. 

What attracts me the most in MyMachine is that young people, children, and students, are stimulated to be creative, to co-create and to use their capabilities to their fullest to create a dream machine.

Jeroen Gobbin
Partner, KPMG Tax, Legal and Accountancy


MyMachine Expo 2022 “small dreams, big ideas”

Dreams do come true as ideas came to life through the MyMachine Expo 2022 entitled “small dreams, big ideas” held on 23 and 24 June. The expo was a chance to showcase all the dream machines invented and designed by children and students.

The dream machines ranged from a superhero machine to a magical school desk and a machine to spread sandwiches. Thanks to the children’s creativity and collaborative co-creation process, the exposition was able to present a variety of creations.