At KPMG, giving back is an essential aspect of life and an integral part of our values, culture, and Impact Plan. Through the KPMG Foundation, we want to give our people the opportunity and time to make a real difference in the community and for charities they care about. By giving every person the opportunity to submit a volunteer project, we aim to motivate everyone to get actively involved and make an impact.

KPMG Foundation Project

Canal It Up is one of the volunteering projects under the KPMG Foundation, chosen by the Sales & Marketing team. Canal It Up is an association dedicated to better management of Brussels’ waterways. Using kayaks, they conduct cleanup operations to remove trash from the Brussels canal. 

The organization’s founder, Pieter, lives near the canal and often noticed how polluted it was. Wanting to do something to help, he bought a kayak so he could go out on the water to clean up the rubbish. He quickly realized the value of this effort and decided to establish a non-profit organization so others could have the same experience of contributing towards improving the waterways.

This non-profit organization focuses on raising awareness and addressing three key issues. Firstly, they tackle the problem of water pollution, specifically the issue of waste in the water. Secondly, they address the problem of overuse and disruption of these waterways. Finally, their efforts contribute to promoting green initiatives and biodiversity in the Brussels canal area. 

Making an impact

On 7 September 2023, our KPMG volunteers spent a very productive afternoon at the Brussels canal.

After gaining valuable insights from the people of Canal It Up about the challenges affecting the Brussels canal, our volunteers equipped themselves with fishing nets and buckets, and went out on the water in their kayaks to extract trash from the water.

We're very grateful that our people took the opportunity and time to make a real difference. Because by working #Together, we can achieve so much more.

Check out the pictures below!