At KPMG, giving back is an essential aspect of life and an integral part of our values, culture, and Impact Plan. Through the KPMG Foundation, we want to give our people the opportunity and time to make a real difference in the community and charities they care about. By giving every person the opportunity to submit a volunteer work project, we aim to motivate everyone to get actively involved and make an impact.

KPMG Foundation’s First Project

Escalpade was the first volunteering project under the KPMG Foundation, selected by our people. Escalpade is a nonprofit organization for people and children with disabilities in Walloon Brabant, involving three entities: an elementary school, a secondary school, and a day-care center. They promote and carry out the pedagogical, social, cultural, and educational projects aimed at disabled people by organizing day-care, leisure, and teaching activities.

In 1997, the nonprofit organization Escalpade was founded by parents of children with physical disabilities. As there was no school in Walloon Brabant that catered to the needs of their children with physical disabilities, several parents decided to join forces to fill this gap. Through exceptional solidarity, Escalpade was set-up to offer adapted education to people with physical disabilities and so far it has made a significant impact for people living in Walloon Brabant.

Making an impact

On 17 May 2023, our KPMG volunteers spent an entire fun, sunny day working in Escalpade’s garden. They really got to work pulling weeds, raking, trimming hedges, laying mulch cloths, collecting leaves, preparing the future vegetable garden, and cleaning the parking lot and driveway.

The enthusiasm of our volunteers, the warm welcome from the staff, the smiles on the children’s faces, the exchanges during the shared lunch prepared by the people in day-care, were all so PRECIOUS.

We're very grateful that our people took the opportunity and time to make a real difference. Because only #Together, many hands make warm hearts.

Check out the pictures below! 

the exterior building of Escalpade
children in wheelchairs outside in the playground
volunteers of KPMG working in the garden
children from Escalpade playing outside in the playground
child in wheelchair playing with colorful gears at playground
child outside in the playground with a blue wheelchair
volunteers working in the garden of Escalpade
two volunteers clear weeds from the stairs
the team of KPMG volunteers
the team of KPMG volunteers walking side by side
volunteers of KPMG cleaning the garden
volunteers of KPMG putting soil in a container