Challenging the status quo in conduct risk, finding new ways to drive growth, and looking at the full picture, beyond mitigation strategies – that’s a Conduct Native.

When conduct is embedded in an organisation’s strategy and used to drive decision-making, it can help to both manage the cost of managing conduct risk, and the complexity it can create when managing transformation.

Connecting that with the specialist skills of a truly innovative conduct advisor, who keeps an eye on the regulatory landscape to spot opportunities, can give your organisation a leading edge. So you identify opportunities early. So you make better decisions. So your organisation gains a competitive and sustainable advantage.

So you do the right thing.

Helping organisations become Conduct Natives

What is conduct?

There are three qualities that contribute to good conduct, and thereby build trust with stakeholders:


The collective knowledge, skills and competencies to enable the organisation to function reliably and effectively to deliver on its commitments and promises.


Exercising benevolence and a duty of care to those affected by the organisation's operations, products, and services. 


Consistent adherence to commonly accepted ethical principles and moral values.

Conduct framework

A six-part framework to help...

  • About the KPMG conduct framework

    About the KPMG conduct framework

    Organisations are increasingly being judged by the 1 percent that don't live up to community expectations. Profit is no longer sustainable without integrity. And the test of integrity comes in the edge cases rather than in business as usual.

    KPMG's conduct framework* describes how we approach framing, assessing, and developing conduct to create competitive advantage for our clients.

    Each pillar is deeply interconnected and in reality, it is impossible to address any one pillar on its own. Each has a deep set of questions that help clients navigate through their own conduct challenges and opportunities, and to identify the unique path to competitive advantage.

  • 1. Culture

    Not just creating, sustaining

    Embedding a culture of trustworthy conduct is at the centre of creating conduct competitive advantage. However, culture is fragile. We can help you put systems and procedures in place to kick start and maintain a strong and resilient culture to ensure your aspirations of conduct are maintained.

  • 2. Products, services and operations

    Delivery to promises and commitments

    It’s the foundation of successful business – your products and services meeting customer expectations. Importantly, you also need to meet delivery, quality and service commitments. KPMG can help you ensure every stakeholder interaction, with every product or service, meets expectations every time.

  • 3. Purpose and strategy

    Honest answers to hard questions

    Creating fairness starts with probing questions:

    – What does your organisation look like on its worst day?
    – If you could refresh your team, who would you keep?
    – If you saw employee misconduct, what would you do?

    We can help you understand the issues, then set a purpose and mark out a strategy.

  • 4. Leadership and management

    Embodying values from the top

    Good leaders don’t hide from mistakes, they embrace them. Time-after-time we’ve seen markets respond positively to honesty. KPMG can help your leadership embody your purpose and your strategy. That way positive conduct is entrenched and your entire organisation has a standard to follow.

  • 5. Data systems and processes

    The hidden power in transformation

    It is no longer acceptable to simply hold a record of an interaction. Data must be hardwired into quality assurance and monitoring frameworks. KPMG can help transform your data, systems and processes – from simply replacing manual processes to introducing AI to help you extract value from your data culture to ensure your aspirations of conduct are maintained.

  • 6. Governance and structure

    More than checks and balances

    If you’re like most companies, your governance is a complex system to keep everything in check. Ironically, this complexity is often the source of misconduct – deliberate or accidental. KPMG can help you turn governance into a customer-centric competitive advantage.

*Adapted from Hurley, R., Gillespie, N., Ferrin, D. & Dietz, G. (2013). Designing Trustworthy Organizations. MIT Sloan Management Review, 54 (4), 75- 82; and Gillespie, N. & Dietz, G. (2009). Trust repair after an organisation-level failure. Academy of Management Review, 34 (1), 127-145.”  

KPMG Conduct Insights Lab

Conduct risks can appear from anywhere, at any time. It’s crucial to be nimble and respond quickly to get ahead of an issue.

The struggle is, where to start?

Our KPMG Conduct Insights Lab is designed to surface potential risks before they become major problems. The result is a clear, conduct-aligned and actions-driven plan for your board, executives and governance decision-makers.

Become a ‘Conduct Native’ today by taking the first step with our KPMG Conduct Insights Lab workshops.

Over the course of a single working day, you will:

  • deal with a hypothetical scenario with real world implications
  • place your senior executives under decision-making pressure
  • see first-hand the rigour of the KPMG Conduct Reform process
  • engage with KPMG’s subject matter experts on conduct.

KPMG Conduct Monitoring

How well do you listen to your customers? There has never been a greater need to know.

Organisations should not wait for the regulator to detect, resolve and remediate issues. They need to be proactive and take the lead to drive trust, maintain robust customer relationships, protect their brand and ensure they meet both the spirit and the letter of the law. The challenge is that conduct monitoring is expensive, time consuming and resides within multiple interaction platforms.

If you received a regulator demand, would your organisation know what was in your transaction files? Would you be prepared for an investigation?

KPMG Conduct Monitoring is designed to help you capture, monitor and join the dots on conduct.

We do this at speed, at scale and with a greater accuracy that can be achieved with traditional search methods so you can make better informed choices to act.

Our monitoring capability works across existing platforms and vendors so you can leverage from what you have already invested in and receive clear data-driven insights.

Interested in the KPMG Conduct Insights Lab and KPMG Conduct Monitoring?

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