The growth of sustainability-linked financing has been extraordinary. Lenders are increasingly assessing borrowers through an ESG lens, reflecting lenders’ own stretching commitments to deploy capital responsibly, and recognising the role sustainability has to play in enhancing borrowers’ long-term business resilience and value creation. 

Borrowers, therefore, have an opportunity to capitalise on lenders’ appetite for sustainability-linked debt to deliver competitive financing terms and future proof the capital structure. But the ESG bar is rising. Lenders now expect borrowers to make stretching, measurable ESG commitments that can be independently assured.

Are you a business looking to raise finance to support your sustainability journey?

How confident are you that you can articulate your ESG priorities to your lenders in a way that will obtain their support?

How we help you understand your ESG financing options, and get you the best deal:

  • Evaluate and enhance ESG financing options. We support borrowers in evaluating the financing options which are best aligned to their strategic and sustainability priorities, and then help to execute them.
  • Identify potential lenders. We’re helping organisations of all sizes and from a wide range of sectors access sustainable financing, and we have advised on several landmark deals in this area.
  • Prepare for market and maximise appetite and the prospects of success.
  • Negotiate commercial terms for ESG financing. As credit markets see tightening of terms, the access to capital benefits of ESG financing can enhance competition and terms, including pricing incentives directly linked to meeting ESG performance targets.

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