Our Turnaround team provides fast, specialist support to help you improve liquidity, refocus operations and strengthen financial performance, enabling you to prioritise actions and establish a stable platform for transformation.

Value erosion can be driven by a variety of factors, in particular where debt levels and capital structures no longer match business performance. It’s critical to identify issues like a potential covenant breach or liquidity crisis as early as possible, so you can put mitigation measures in place.

We provide service-led solutions to complex challenges, acting quickly to coordinate a multidisciplinary team. Our turnaround specialists provide hands-on support to corporates and PE sponsors.  We develop solutions tailored to your individual circumstances, helping to review and realign business strategy, improve financial and operating performance, manage liquidity, assess capital structures and deal with key stakeholders.

Challenges we can help with include:

  • Financial or asset operational underperformance
  • Imminent liquidity event
  • Over indebtedness and misaligned capital structures
  • Difficult sector or market
  • New or increased competitive threat
  • Rapid operational environment change
  • Existential threat
  • Transaction preparedness

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