Cash is the lifeline of all businesses. But in a complex business environment, it can be challenging to  build a resilient cash flow and develop a platform for growth.

Identifying opportunities to release cash flow from working capital, and understanding how to unlock that value, can bring countless benefits, from greater operational flexibility, to reduced finance costs or more potential for investment.

Our Cash and Working Capital specialists can help to strengthen the cash position in the deal environment, involving tight timeframes, technical complexity and rapid decision-making, as well as during financial distress when uncertainty and pressure are high.

We look at people, processes, systems and culture to find and unlock cash and working capital value. With a hypothesis-driven approach which combines data intensive analytics with targeted discussions, we seek value across the full breadth of a business, including Order to Cash, Forecast to Fulfil and Purchase to Pay working capital cycles.

Our services include:

  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Working capital diagnostics
  • Payment term benchmarking
  • Accounts receivable (including unbilled) optimisation
  • Accounts payable optimisation
  • Inventory optimisation

Cash flow forecasting

  • Reviewing short term cash flow forecasts to understand data inputs, assess accuracy and support more informed decision making

Working capital diagnostics

  • Analysing and diagnosing opportunities across the end-to-end working capital cycle
  • Quantifying cash flow opportunities, providing empirical evidence to facilitate sustainable change 
  • Modelling process changes to identify the cash impact

Payment term benchmarking

  • Reviewing customer and supplier payment terms against relevant industry or geographic benchmarks 
  • Supporting organisations to build a payment term strategy
  • Recommendations underpinned by our expert knowledge of payment term legislation and regulations on a global scale

Accounts receivable optimisation

  • Redesigning processes to generate cash release, using our Order to Cash (OTC) methodology 
  • Assessing unbilled receivables and driving management and operations to speed up WIP billing
  • Performing rapid customer segmentation to prioritise and strategise collections within finance functions

Accounts payable optimisation

  • Redesigning processes to generate cash release, using our Procure to Pay (PTP) methodology
  • Implementing standardised payment term models
  • Building trade-off tools to understand cost/cash considerations
  • Upskilling teams to lead in supplier negotiations 
  • Supporting businesses to navigate payment practice and performance reporting while optimising overall cash flow

Inventory optimisation

  • Optimising inventory levels, including finished goods, WIP and raw materials, using our Forecast to Fulfil (FTF) methodology
  • Reviewing sales forecasts, minimum order quantities (MOQs) and lead times to optimise safety and cycle stocks while maintaining customer service
  • Optimisation advice underpinned by best-in-class principles

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