Operational turnarounds usually mean a business is underperforming. Whether this is due to managerial, operating or market factors, or issues like technology changes or geo-political events, speed of action is crucial to addressing the challenges successfully.

Our highly experienced Operational Turnaround team combines finance, operations and restructuring expertise to support clients through complex challenges.  We focus on providing solutions that will positively impact your businesses, including:

  • Cash and liquidity management
  • Working capital management and optimisation
  • Cost base rationalisation and optimisation (including organisation structures)
  • Customer, product and market profitability
  • Operating process optimisation
  • Operating footprint optimisation

Cash & Liquidity

  • Establishing visibility over cash flow and liquidity position to inform decisions that will preserve and generate liquidity 
  • Developing cash flow forecasting models that focus on critical cash drivers 
  • Harnessing existing ERP systems to develop efficient long-term solutions

Working capital

  • Developing capital plans that optimise working capital levels in the immediate term
  • Prioritising key customers, suppliers and inventory holdings to avoid disruption to business operations 
  • Focusing on accounts receivables and supplier payment while assessing inventory holding levels

Cost base rationalisation

  • Assisting management to right-size the business’s cost base 
  • Creating a fact-based view of how the cost base is structured
  • Identifying opportunities for cost rationalisation 
  • Benchmarking the cost base to industry averages or peer group 
  • Analysing how profit margins have evolved and why

Customer, product and
market profitability

  • Conducting rapid, data-driven product and customer profitability reviews 
  • Identifying weaknesses in ‘gross margin’ thinking, and assessing the true drivers of profitability 
  • Evaluating product profitability across customers and regions to inform resourcing and production decisions

Operating process

  • Reviewing operating processes to drive efficiency, eliminate cost leakage and maximise asset utilisation 
  • Providing challenge to assess how the operating model supports the business’s growth plans
  • Supporting management to redesign the operating model 
  • Assessing existing technology systems and identifying digitally-driven efficiency opportunities

Operating footprint

  • Assessing productivity and profitability of operating sites and establishing required standards
  • Identifying locations for improvement programmes and or consolidation
  • Reviewing the operating footprint to identify high-cost areas and opportunities for rationalisation
  • Analysing manufacturing activity and operational resources requirements per production line
  • Quantifying saturation levels of each location
  • Identifying bottlenecks and capacity constraints in the manufacturing processes

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