Before Covid, there was a clear value creation playbook for operators in the UK nursery market. Then the pandemic hit, disrupting the market and sparking widespread concerns around the sector’s recovery in the future. When the dust settled, would the traditional value creation dynamics still apply? 


We wanted to understand the impacts in detail - so we commissioned primary research to understand parents’ perspectives on how the market has changed and what conclusions are drawn and lessons learnt.

With over 750 parents responding in H1 2022, this research is highly relevant for nursery leaders, current and potential investors and potential market entrants who want to plan for the future. Our findings give a detailed understanding of parent attitudes and how they will impact what good looks like for the future value creation story for UK nursery operators.  

Why you should read this report

Valuable insights into:

  • Demand dynamics and the underlying drivers behind them
  • Changing parental attitudes that can help you enhance your value proposition
  • Usage trends and how these have changed through Covid
  • The pricing outlook and how to continue to drive value in the face of inflationary challenges


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