Whatever stage of the IPO lifecycle you’re at, our Capital Markets Advisory Group can support you every step of the way.

We work with businesses of all sizes and ownership structures, from fast-growing startups and large private businesses looking to fund their next growth through an IPO, to global public companies looking to undertake significant M&A transactions. We have worked on some of the most complex IPOs and public company transactions in recent years, and we can bring this experience and expertise to your management team.

Some of the capital market transactions we can advise you on include:

  • IPOs
  • Class 1 transactions – significant M&A transactions executed by public companies, including acquisitions, divestments, mergers & demergers, reverse takeovers, equity raises
  • SPAC transactions
  • Comfort letters on Bonds and share issues

With significant global experience our capital markets specialists can support you across a number of the major global capital markets, including stock exchanges in London (Main Market and AIM), USA, Hong Kong, South Africa, Euronext, Sweden and India, to name a few. We also frequently work with international KPMG teams to provide clients with the right local expertise when required.  

Expert support at every stage of the IPO lifecycle

An IPO is often the most complex and strategically important transaction a company and management team can undertake. Working closely and collaboratively alongside your team, we take a client-centric approach to deliver a smooth and efficient transaction process at every stage of the journey.

Decision to IPO
( -24 to -12 months )
( -18 to -12 months )
IPO Execution
( -9 to 0 months )
( As required )

IPO workshop

A half-day workshop designed as a collaborative session with senior management to provide information and highlight the key considerations for you. The workshop can be tailored to cover the aspects of the IPO process most relevant to your circumstances, and can be expanded to cover wider strategic options, such as dual-track considerations. If you'd like to discuss a workshop, please reach out to us via email

IPO readiness assessment

Early preparation significantly increases the probability of delivering a successful IPO. Our IPO readiness assessment provides a comprehensive readiness and gap analysis which gives you with an outside-in view of key focus areas. We establish an IPO roadmap with recommendations and action plans. Typical areas covered include: governance; financial reporting; financial planning; systems and controls; human resources; tax; technology and ESG.

Key questions for anyone thinking about an IPO

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Reporting accountant

We are one of the market leaders in IPO reporting accountant services, and our team is hugely experienced across all sectors. We provide a comprehensive suite of services and support necessary for the IPO process. These include accountant’s reports over historical and pro forma financial information, long form, working capital and financial position and prospects due diligence reports, plus a wide range of private comfort letters.

IPO support

An IPO process is often time-consuming, complex, hectic and stressful, with conflicting requests, priorities and demands at every stage. We can help significantly ease the burden on management teams across any and all workstreams. Our areas of support include preparing financial information; developing financial models; preparing IPO-related board memoranda; tax and remuneration planning and structuring; systems and controls review and development; technology related reviews and enhancements; preparing listing documentation; and project management.

SPAC transaction support

SPAC (‘Special Purpose Acquisition Company’) are companies formed to raise capital in an IPO with a purpose of using the proceeds to acquire an existing operating business. SPAC transactions are becoming more and more popular amongst sponsors and management teams in taking companies public. Our team in conjunction with specialists from Accounting Advisory, Tax, Internal Controls, Technology, ESG, Financial Modelling and other teams can help companies execute a SPAC transaction in the most pragmatic, flexible and responsive way.

Market Readiness support

We have an experienced team that provides independent advice to companies and stakeholders going through an IPO process. They perform a different role to that of the banks and manage the process to significantly increase the chances of a successful outcome for stakeholders. Their advice is backed by detailed analytics to create transparency in the process so stakeholders can make better informed decisions. The role covers the process end-to-end: from supporting in developing an IPO strategy, equity story development, and key adviser selection through to IPO transaction project management.

Transaction Assurance

When you are planning for any transaction, the historical financial information (HFI) requirements can be complex and differ according to the transaction type and the capital markets that are relevant. It is frequently one of the most time-consuming and complex work streams when preparing for your transaction and finding an Audit firm with both the capacity to deliver in the timeframe, who are independent under the required standards, can be a real issue for companies. Find out more here.

Reporting accountant

For both audit and non-audit clients, if you’re already a public company and are looking to raise funds or undertake a significant acquisition, demerger or disposal, we can provide reporting accountant services designed to facilitate the most efficient post-IPO transactions possible.

Our services include reports prepared under the Standards for Investment Reporting (SIRs) and diligence reports, addressing client and investment bank requirements in various documents, such as prospectuses, circulars, offer documents and admission documents.

Transaction support

Post-IPO transactions, such as cross-border demergers, can be extremely complex. Our experienced team has worked on some of the largest and most complex deals in recent years and can bring substantial expertise and insight to the process, including a comprehensive suite of integration and separation services, as required.

We work globally across disciplines, tailoring the team depending on the type of transaction and services you need to provide the maximum level of support and enable you to meet your objectives.

Our areas of support include:

  • Preparation of financial information (e.g. historical financial information and pro forma)
  • Financial model build and development
  • Tax and remuneration planning and structuring
  • Governance and internal control review and enhancements
  • Technology related reviews and enhancements
  • ESG reporting
  • Integration and separation support
  • Preparation of listing documentation and board memorandums
  • Project management

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