Now more than ever, every part of a business touches the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and their team. The most successful have evolved over time to embrace strategy, broadening their scope beyond a strict cost agenda. Throw a deal into the mix and a tough job becomes even more challenging.

Finance functions face a key challenge of delivering what's expected whilst taking on additional roles. Leaders must ensure that the function delivers maximum deal value while keeping an eye on business as usual (BAU) requirements.

It’s inevitable that the CFO and senior members of a finance team will be involved at each stage of a deal cycle and beyond. But in practice how many times in their career is a CFO likely to be involved in a deal? Even those with experience of a few deals will inevitably feel they are facing a new challenge without strong specialist deal experience within their teams to call on.

Our Finance Centre of Excellence brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds from both industry and deal consulting, to assist senior finance teams through a deal environment and beyond. Our strong understanding of the finance function and its role in the deal lifecycle means we are best placed to provide you with the right mix of constructive challenge, holistic support and tried and tested frameworks. In doing so we will help you navigate through the complexities of a deal to deliver effective governance, risk management and create deal value.


Supported over 75 Merger and Separation Projects.

20 %

We help clients improve their gross working capital by 20%.


  • How will you take control on Day 1 and protect value? What will the integrated operating model be for finance to best serve the combined organisation?
  • We understand the risks, challenges and opportunities arising from the integration of finance processes, systems, controls, reporting and people. We will share our experience to help you define your integration principles and approach.
  • We help define the integrated finance target operating model for Day 1 and Final State. We also help define the detailed plans to achieve the transition whilst maintaining BAU.
  • We are practical and pragmatic in our approach and will support you to deliver the finance integration and synergies.


  • How do you carve out the target operationally and financially, and retain stability through transition?
  • We identify the entanglements between Group and the target and assess the risks associated with separation, in order to develop practical, action-focused separation plans to achieve Day 1 and full separation.
  • Readiness for Day 1 is critical to ensure control and continuity of service through transition. We help you prepare for and execute separation with robust governance to ensure smooth and stable cutover of the finance function including finance processes, systems and data.
  • We identify and quantify the cost of separation, both recurring and one-off costs to achieve, based on your current cost base and our experience.

Working Capital

  • Working capital is often the cheapest funding option a business could have, especially in times of high or rising interest rates. Even a profitable business can fail if it lacks adequate cash flow.
  • We focus on three types of opportunities to drive working capital improvements: commercial terms and policy, process optimisation, and process compliance.
  • Using our data analytics and operational methodologies we identify rapid improvements in the short and long-term spanning across the order to cash, forecast to fulfil and procure to pay cycles, and develop practical plans to deliver these improvements.
  • Our proprietary working capital database includes in excess of $150bn of spend and terms data to underpin benchmarking and analysis. 


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