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The M&A world is already complex, multi stakeholder, fast paced, rapidly changing, and highly charged. Add to this the complexity around technology, cyber risk, digital opportunities, and data - and you have a heady mix. Involving the right expertise can be critical to pulling off a successful acquisition, divestment, IPO or other M&A event.

KPMG has developed a Global Centre of Excellence for Technology in M&A, to support our clients in maximising value and potential in a deal, and reducing risk. Our team of experts has executed over 1,000 deals across Private Equity and Corporate buyers – we have advised and supported on some of the largest, most complex deals on the planet, and on many that don’t make the headlines.


1500 deals

have been executed by Technology in M&A.

Our Global Centre of Excellence covers over

30 countries

with major hubs in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Luxembourg and China.

Acquisition planning and pre-deal opportunities
Deal execution
Post Deal opportunity realisation

A transaction is a deeply transformative period in an organisation. We support you in getting your organisation ready for a deal - assessing the current technology capabilities and strategies, and partnering to deliver on improvement or remedial action. We know how time-constrained transactions can be – so we cut through the complexity by focusing on the areas that will drive value for your organisation. We also identify opportunities for pre-deal value creation, and help you deliver on these, at speed.

Each deal is unique – and requires a tailored approach. However, after supporting hundreds of deals, our team has engineered tools and processes that can help you succeed in any type of transaction, focus on important material items and issues, and reduce risk and exposure, whilst driving value.

Buy side due diligence

We identify a target’s risks, weaknesses and gaps in their ability to deliver your deal rationale, and assess potential upside including cost savings and operational benefits through digital investments (including automation, robotics, AI, data, and more).

Vendor due diligence

We present our view on the technology strategy, estate and organisation, including how technology investments have impacted the business and operations; we complete an independent assessment of your technology stack, operational and functional technology, data, cyber risk, infrastructure, disaster recovery, IT financials (OpEx and CapEx projections), IT Strategy, and more.

Vendor Assist

We identify all the shared technology, data, suppliers, customers, IP, and people – and provide our assessment of areas for quick improvement, and the tools to support your valuation, allowing for a successful divestment of your brand, country operations, entity or part of your enterprise.


While they can yield great value, separations are riddled with risks (migration of sensitive data, contract and TSA extensions, loss of Intellectual Property, system exposure to third parties, and more). We support you through the full separation lifecycle: getting your Day 1 strategy and approach ready, implementing any remedial actions, and then delivering the deal closure and full separation. Our team constantly deliver successful separations on time, identifying opportunities for acceleration and stranded cost mitigation.


Acquiring or merging with a new business is an opportunity to significantly transform a company from top to bottom, bringing in new talent, technology, and processes – that, if not integrated correctly, run the risk of being wasted. We are experts in integrating companies at speed, by focusing on areas of high risk, and finding areas of opportunity for further value creation.

Joint Ventures

We are experts at collaborating and partnering with others – we know what it takes to build a successful Joint Venture. We lead the setup, transformation, and closure of JVs, while protecting your intellectual property and long-term value.


Our technology-focussed IPO capability supports smaller businesses in raising capital by identifying and navigating the technology challenges that lie on the path to listing.

Technology transformation

Transactions can trigger you to reflect on your strategy and the business you are in. We deploy our expertise to help you take advantage of this opportunity and deliver on your transformation plan – be it re-considering your Cloud strategy, reviewing your ERP solution, building stronger Cybersecurity capabilities, or even considering how external factors such as ESG will impact you.

Transactions can be extremely disruptive and expensive – not realising value cannot be an option. Post deal, we partner with you in identifying areas of opportunity for growth and organisational development.

Deals also foster innovation and transformation. We can support you in maximising this opportunity by challenging you in your Technology Strategy approach and building a roadmap to deliver on the right-sized approach.

Delivering transaction value

Realising value in a deal can be difficult; it is easy to get lost in the magnitude of change and lose focus on delivering the business case. We support you in realising greater transaction value, quicker. We have built proprietary technologies – they drive efficiency to every deal, help our clients address and mitigate risks proactively, and ultimately deliver greater end-to-end deal success.

  • Applications and platforms: assess application landscape and hosting strategies using our proprietary tools; define a tailored treatment plan and support with targeted implementation
  • Cloud: assess the cloud landscape, conducting a cost optimisation assessment to identify leaks and savings
  • Cyber security: identify and mitigate key cyber security complexities; providing end-to-end assessment and support the cyber landscape during the different transaction stages
  • Data: structure and unstructured data assessments, creating disposition strategies, and supporting data migration in a deal context
  • Digital: identifyand deploy of digital tools that can support and fast-track a company’s technology transformation across a transaction
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP): create a sophisticated ERP solution in the context of M&A transactions. We partner with world leading SAP specialists and leverage their bespoke tooling capabilities enabling rapid and focused migration of ERP systems and data, reducing error and typically cutting migration timelines in half.
  • Governance, risk and controls (GRC): we advise our clients on their regulatory and compliance requirements during and around a transaction to identify opportunities to automate and right-size their efforts, driving cost efficiencies and value realisation

The KPMG Edge

The Technology in M&A team is made up of industry leading deal advisers. From divestitures, to expanding into new geographies - our team combines sector-specific expertise and data-driven insights to challenge you in driving the highest amount of value from your transaction. To accelerate you on this journey, we have built proprietary tools and methods that support you in safely delivering transformation at deal speed.

By leveraging our wider KPMG network, broad deal experience and ever-growing proprietary tools, we consistently break through complexity at deal speed to realise opportunities sooner. We challenge businesses to consider new perspectives and identify areas of opportunity – from strengthening their technology landscape, to taking an ESG lens in their transaction. 

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