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Software Asset Management

Helping you cut through complexity and optimise spend

IT Assets (software & systems) are a major part of IT spend, but they are difficult to track and manage.

Software is an elusive asset, it can be easily and quickly copied across machines and identical looking installations can have hugely different license requirements depending on how they are actually used. And, its not just the transitory nature of software that creates challenges for day to day management. IT environments are complex, evolving, and resistant to overarching inventory and control, even more so in today's landscape of 'Hybrid Cloud' infrastructure.  

Most organisations struggle to implement and embed robust management practices for software and this often leads to a loss of control and miss-use.

We've been an active service provider in the area of IT Asset Management for over 20 years.  In that time we've helped numerous organisations to make sense of their IT landscapes and to go on and achieve significant cost savings whilst also avoiding material operational and financial risks.

Today we bring 'Best in Class' solutions to KPMG clients that leverage our unique IP, like SAM Navigator, and deep expertise from world class experts.

IT Asset Management

Software Cost Optimisation

KPMG SAM Services deliver significant cost savings to our clients, in many cases returning many times our engagement fees in commercial benefits.

Software is too expensive to waste

The benefits that come from well executed SAM are substantial and varied. For example, sustained cost reductions, insulation against software audits, the opportunity to make better informed software spending decisions, assurance on strategic initiatives like cloud migrations or M&A activities, effective re-provisioning of assets, etc.

But, even if you do implement SAM, if you don’t carefully orchestrate day to day activities then there is a real risk of having material gaps in working and understanding. At best this makes your SAM ambitions slower and harder to achieve. At worst it prevents you from achieving the insights and benefits you need.

In order to help our clients execute best in class SAM we developed ‘SAM Navigator’, an industry leading service delivery portal designed for the specific challenges of managing software.

SAM Navigator ensures improved SAM performance and lasting value by leveraging our investments in process design, software licensing expertise, and tooling know-how.

SAM Navigator provides unrivalled content fully aligned to vendor specific license terms and conditions. Whereas traditional SAM tools provide inventory and analytics, SAM Navigator focuses on the quality and reliability of the information collected in order to provide better outcomes and greater certainty, particular when working with complex and specialist licensing metrics.

IT Asset Management


We offer an expansive range of services that support a variety of strategic and tactical business needs, whether you require a comprehensive outsourced service (SAMaaS) or targeted support on specific problems.

IT Asset Management

Meet our global team

We operate a global network of SAM service teams with Centres of Excellence in UK, USA, Germany, Australia, and India, leading work across the world.

Our ITAM practise has been established for over 20 years and our people are the reason we've stood the test of time! Today you'll find dedicated teams of ITAM professionals in KPMG offices across the world. These are world class experts in IT operations, asset management, and software licensing, who take on some of the gnarliest problems the ITAM industry has to solve. We think globally, and act locally. That means you can have a dedicated local team of ITAM experts working with you day to day who will link into our global community of over 350 like minded professionals in order to solve your problems fast.

IT Asset Management

SAM blogs

Our latest thinking on the challenges and opportunities relating to software asset management.

If you’re looking for a perspective on issues affecting software and hardware asset management, check out our blog pages where our global team of IT consultants share their views on a range of matters affecting software licensing and IT asset management.