Michael S Adams

Managing Director

KPMG in the U.S.

Michael is a Managing Director with KPMG’s Major Project and Contract Advisory (MP&CA) practice. He has over 20 years of experience in Information Systems, spanning a wide range of industries. He is a leader in KPMG’s Software Asset Management (SAM) Practices and specializes in tool implementations, Managed Services, Asset Management for cost take-out, IT operational efficiency, process automation and system integration.

Professional and industry experience

Michael has led numerous engagements that have focused on asset management leading practices, process reengineering, service management integration, policy and process governance, financial analysis, systems integration, and system implementations. These projects have helped clients to better manage their IT assets and IT budgets in order to significantly reduce costs. As well as cost reduction, clients have benefited from streamlined processes that are fully integrated across departments and systems. Organizations have also maximized investment in multiple applications and toolsets from their integration in order to automate the flow of data across the asset lifecycle. His key accomplishments includes:

  • A fortune 10 company requested guidance in providing a current state assessment pertaining to their Software Asset Management governance. The deliverable included a current state assessment, a maturity gap analysis, a future state process and a roadmap to assist in progressing from their current state to the future state that provided more clarity, efficiency and accuracy to the data that was used for management’s decisions. This led to a SAM tool implementation, SAM Program set-up and to documented savings in reduce software spend of $50MM and penalty avoidance of $30MM over 3 years.
  • He developed and led the implementation of a SAM program for a leading entertainment firm. He also developed multiple tracks within the program and was the lead strategy resource for the client. The client realized millions in saving due to reduced vendor audit risks and also with the reclamation process of available software titles from the environment.
  • Served as Lead strategy resource for the implementation of an ITAM program for one of the United States largest cellular phone companies. He managed multiple tracks of a large infrastructure implementation including discovery implementation and integration, procurement integration, finance integration, and process re-engineering. Client regarded this project as the key to enable them to compete more aggressively with their competitors by allowing for better management of their IT assets and services via standardization and cost reductions. He also developed a cross-functional ITAM organizational structure that incorporated the finance (corporate and IT), service delivery and service support areas.
  • Served as Program Manager and lead strategy resource for the global implementation of an ITAM program for one of the world's largest banking concerns. Key projects in the program were the automation and integration of the procurement system for SW ordering and process re-engineering and policy formulation for five separate asset classes. He developed the strategy and project plan for integration the asset— management process and tools with the future state configuration tool (CMDB). He also formulated regional and global reporting structures in order to manage all IT assets (HW & SW) from a central viewpoint. He was also a member of the program steering committee for the implementation. Saving estimated for client expected to be between 25 to 30 million dollars. Other activities included enterprise architecture integration, analysis and re-engineering IT policies and procedures for both architecture and procurement.
  • Served as Team lead on an ITAM strategy project for a major investment bank. He led a team consisting of client and consulting resources in developing the ITAM vision, business case, implementation roadmap, and organizational construct in order to full support the implementation and ongoing internal organization structure to support a global ITAM solution.
  • Served as Lead strategy resource for a large government, defense department. Client utilized his experience to finalize product selection and develop a global implementation strategy. Once implemented, this strategy was used as a blueprint for all Department of Defense ITAM implementations.
  • Served as Program manager and lead strategy resource for implementing an asset management solution for a large regional bank. He teamed with the software vendor to create a value-based proposal around ROI and cost takeout. Saving estimated for client between five to ten million dollars in first year alone.
  • He led the Global Asset Management vision and implementation project a large credit card firm. Project includes full lifecycle review and systems implementation. Savings estimated of over 20 million dollars when fully implemented.
  • He program managed the global implementation of an infrastructure management repository, network and desktop discovery tools for a global consumer manufacturer. He was responsible for each project and track of discovery implementation, process development, policy standardization, and integration with finance. A central asset repository was used to give the firm control over IT spending, vendor relations and the ability to globally control IT hardware and software standards from the headquarters location.
  • He developed a gap analysis for a major US commercial banking concern.  He also led a team of consultants through interviewing clients, collecting information from multiple vendors, current system and process architectures related to asset management. He developed an ROI for an asset repository implementation along with a detailed migration path for the organization to implement corporate-wide asset management solution. He also worked with organization management to develop roles, responsibilities, policies and procedures for the newly developed department.
  • He led the global rollout of an enterprise wide ITAM inventory tool of all PC's for a global credit card firm for the purpose of accurately charging IT asset costs to all cost centers. He also developed and standardized the processes of the asset management lifecycle for the service management

Publications and speaking engagements

Michael is a frequent speaker to multiple IT Infrastructure Forums and has significant contributions to white papers and analyses.

  • BS/BA Finance, University of Akron

  • Secret Clearance, US Department of Defense

  • ITIL IT Service Management Essentials

  • NBCU

  • MetLife

  • Cisco

  • Disney

  • Abbott