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COVID-19’s impact on the global economy has transformed the work environment, providing us with a glimpse into the future. We’ve seen an acceleration of automation, an increase in remote working and flexible schedules, and reduced business travel.

Fast-paced digital disruption is forcing HR functions to re-establish their value to the organisation. The labour market is experiencing acute shortages of key skills and boards want more from HR teams. They’re demanding a connected, digitally enabled and analytics-led function that can support the organisation's wider aims. Read our latest Future of HR report to see ways in which HR teams can navigate through these challenges. 

To position your business for success in this climate of disruption and digital transformation, you’ll need to reinvent work from the ground up. Productivity must be driven in ways that maintain a sharp focus on people and values.

Over years of research into the future of HR, we’ve found that successful organisations benefit from pathfinding HR departments. These are leading functions that focus on shaping the business’s workforce, culture, experience and strategy, while viewing these four elements as one integrated, holistic entity.

Continually moving forward on all four of these fronts will help you to create a connected enterprise, foster productive collaboration, and achieve the optimal division of labour between people and technology.

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How we can help

KPMG’s approach to HR transformation is underpinned by our Powered HR solution. This enables you to capitalise on leading HR management systems to address your people challenges.  We can provide preconfigured platforms for Workday, Oracle, Microsoft and ServiceNow.

Our 60-strong HR Transformation team can augment your strategic thinking and help you to analyse complex data. We can support you at each stage of your transformation journey, from people strategy design to largescale HR technology implementations. The team has been awarded Gold for People and Performance in the Financial Times UK’s Leading Management Consultants Special Report. 

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