The nature of work – where, when and how it is done – was already changing. Digital transformation and automation were impacting the skills you need. Changing customer expectations were making you rethink your business model. COVID-19 has vastly accelerated these trends forcing many companies to reconsider what kind of workforce they need.

Workforce shaping, sourcing and planning are key to business success now and in the future. How do you meet current demands on your business in a sustainable, timely and cost-effective way? What capabilities will you need in the future? How can you find the skills you’ll need in an increasingly digital world? How do you optimise your sourcing options? How do you balance organisational structure, employee experience and workforce planning to drive the business strategy and optimise costs.

Our workforce transformation experts can help

We support you in developing an agile workforce that is resilient to change. We can help you integrate virtual working into your current setup. And we use data-based insights to inform the best approach for your business.

Where you face a skills or resourcing issue, we can help you implement alternative sourcing models. We can also help you implement learning strategies to reskill existing employees. And so you don’t lose those skills, and can compete for skills in the marketplace, we can help you establish an excellent employee experience and a competitive employee value proposition. 

Our holistic framework shows how acting in one area will impact others. That means you make the desired impact without the unwanted consequences. 

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Managing your workforce through disruption

Workforce transformation is going to prove key in meeting the challenges ahead. We can help you determine the best model for you and your people. Here are some areas where we can offer support.

  • Shaping. How can you restructure your workforce to excel in a virtual environment? We help you design fluid and agile structures capable of delivering higher productivity whilst remaining responsive to customer service. 
  • Sourcing. How do you meet changing customer expectations, and manage workforce costs? How do you cope with increasing demand for digital skills? We can help you identify and assess alternatives to full-time employment including robotic automation. We can also help you upskill your existing teams. 
  • Employee experience. How can you create experiences for your employees which enable great customer experiences whilst driving both engagement and productivity? We will help you shape an employee value proposition to attract and retain the best resources as well as consider EX influencers including culture, D&I and leadership.
  • Planning and monitoring. We use data analytics to help you identify any resourcing or skills gaps. That means you can move your workforce quickly between products, services, tools and geographies.
  • Workforce capability. We help you build internal capability across HR, operations, IT and finance skills to help transform your workforce. 
  • People analytics. We give you actionable insight on your people.


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