In uncertain times, businesses are at risk of fraud, misconduct, corruption, cybercrime and other financial crime events. When faced with such events, it is crucial to respond quickly and credibly to manage stakeholder expectations (including regulators), secure relevant evidence, establish what happened, recover lost assets, act against the perpetrators and mitigate subsequent reputational damage or commercial loss. In addition clients are asking for greater value from investigations to gain organisational improvement and understand how the result or observations from an investigation could lead to an improved controls environment.

Having undertaken some of the world's largest and most sensitive financial investigations, we know how to help you establish the facts and deal appropriately with potentially damaging and sensitive situations. Our experienced team of forensic professionals leverage a global network and sector specialist knowledge to conduct targeted investigations. We undertake detailed analysis of complex financial information, using technology to improve investigations quality and depth. Our technology-led investigations capability can be deployed on site or remotely as required.

Our investigations cover:

  • Fraud and Misconduct – Acting swiftly to uncover the facts to help you take decisive action against suspected activity. 
  • Accounting mis-statement and balance sheet integrity – Our forensic accountants conduct internal investigations to help restore stakeholders’ confidence in company reports.
  • Cybercrime – The cyber element to so many cases today means we design and execute investigations alongside our in-house Cyber team.

Our UK Forensic team is part of a global network of over 3,500 professionals, bringing together investigators, accountants, forensic technology experts, law enforcement professionals and former regulators. Responding quickly and efficiently to alleged or suspected fraud and misconduct is critical. If you have a query about fraud and misconduct, our team is well placed to support you to achieve credible and robust outcomes.

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