The pressure of financial crime is not new, but it is growing. The current challenge facing firms is the need to balance increasingly complex global regulation with a drive to deliver better customer experience, as well as reducing costs. This has created a complex environment to operate in, but getting compliance wrong is not an option. 12 of the top 50 banks were fined in 2019 for non-compliance with anti-money laundering, KYC and sanctions regulations. The total fines were nearly $8.4bn.

This is compounded by a year on year increase in the number of transactions that banks process and monitor. There is an increased expectation in the speed at which we expect banks to make our payments, and increasing expectations from the regulator for comprehensive, risk-based controls.

We help clients prevent, detect, and investigate financial crime. We aim to achieve that with the minimum disruption to customers and staff. In a rapidly evolving threat landscape, we combine expertise in financial crime and market abuse regulation as well as data and analytics. We incorporate tools such as machine learning to make sure you stay ahead of the threat. Our aim is to help you manage an environment of increasingly complex technology and regulation. We use collective thinking to help you achieve firm-wide resilience and unlock untapped advantage.

The power of KPMG’s global network gives you access to financial crime fighters, data scientists, customer-experience designers and sector specialists who understand your domain and how you operate. Our team holds decades of cumulative experience working on financial crime compliance. Together with our third party solution providers, we deliver effective outcomes for you and your clients.

Financial crime services

Anti-money laundering (AML)

Whether it’s reviewing your existing AML programme, transforming it for the future, or dealing with regulatory inquiries and scrutiny, our team can help you.

Sanctions screening

When considering whether your screening systems are fit for purpose, facing challenges with alert volumes, or being investigated for sanctions breaches, our team have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process.


Whether you need to manage your organisation’s fraud risks, optimise your fraud operations, find effective ways of reducing costs or address new regulatory requirements impacting fraud, we can help.

Risk and regulation

When you need to understand the new regulatory environment, conduct risk assessments and control testing, require remediation for problems of the past or need to transform the culture and capability of your business.

Transaction monitoring (TM)

If considering whether your TM controls are appropriate for your business, your scenarios and thresholds are set properly, or when you’re exploring advanced technology solutions, we bring the right combination of subject and technical knowledge to help you achieve your objectives.

Anti-bribery and corruption (AB&C)

When shaping your approach to ABC risk management to deliver effective outcomes, testing to ensure your compliance framework is robust and fit for purpose, or when you require support to investigate a potential issue, we bring deep expertise and pragmatic solutions throughout.

Customer due diligence/know your customer

When you need to optimise your CDD processes and technology, face large scale remediation, or want to outsource the process to a third party, we have a track record of effective delivery at scale.

Market abuse and insider trading

When considering whether your conduct risk control framework and surveillance techniques are adequate to detect market abuse and insider dealing, or when you need access to proven surveillance solutions, our teams are on hand to assist.

Third party risk

Whether you’re concerned about operational risks from third-party exposure or ensuring your network of third parties don’t attract legal or reputational risks to your brand, we help reduce exposure to financial, legal, regulatory, operational, reputational and governmental risk.

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